1. cory-godbey-01

    Cory Godbey

    Cory Godbey is an American illustrator based in South Carolina. He has worked on David Petersen’s Mouse Guard, the award-winning documentary film The Last Flight of Petr Ginz, contributed to the award-winning Flight anthologies and is a member of fantasy art collective Muddy Colors.

  2. mitsuru-adachi-01

    Manga Mondays ~ Mitsuru Adachi

    Mitsuru Adachi is a Japanese manga artist. He is best known for serial drama sports stories, including Touch, H2, and Miyuki. Many of his mangas have become best-sellers and adapted for animation, live-action TV and films. Adachi has created more than 280 books, and as of 2011, his works had sold over 200 million copies.

  3. luke-pearson-01

    Luke Pearson

    Luke Pearson is a British illustrator and comic artist. He has worked with a wonderful array of client including The New Yorker, Penguin, Cartoon Network, The Guardian, and Little White Lies. However, he probably best known for his award-winning series of comics, Hilda.

  4. amelie-hegardt-01

    Fashion Fridays ~ Amelie Hegardt

    Amelie Hegardt is an artist, illustrator, and associate lecturer. Originally from Stockholm, Sweden she now lives and works in London, England. Her work has been shown across the world in books and on buildings.

  5. justin-erickson-01

    Justin Erickson

    Justin Erickson is a Canadian illustrator and graphic designer. Inspired by vintage art, comic books, the macabre, and the bizarre. He has worked with Dark Horse Comics, Lions Gate Entertainment, Rue Morgue Magazine, Twitch Film, and regularly collaborates with Mondo.