1. Denis Borisovich

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    Denis Borisovich is a Russian illustrator and animator. Based in Moscow, he has worked for Russian animation studios Toonbox and was a member of the visual art group honkfu.

    As part of team Arctq17, Borisovich worked on the Opening for the Russian Animation Festival Suzdal twice. The first time in 2013 where they created The Goose. Followed up in 2014 with all out barbarism in The Serpent Princess.

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  2. Stéphane Fert

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    Stéphane Fert French illustrator and comic artist. He recently released his first solo album, Morgane. It was published in April, this year, by Delcourt Editions, and was written by Stéphane Fert and Simon Kansara, and illustrated by Fert. The book is a unique take on the well-known Arthurian tales. Flipping perspective and following the enchantress Morgan le Fay as she battle against her brother, King Arthur.

    The most notable element of Fert’s work is his strict use of limited colour palettes. Often staying within a warm, cool, or earthy tones. When he break this limitation, by adding patches of pink among a sea of blue, it captures the viewer’s attention instantly. Interesting too is his use of repetition and geometric shapes, which can turn a castle or a field of flowers into a decorative pattern.

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    Skillshare got in touch with the Illustrator’s Lounge to be part of their Affiliate Partner Program and we jumped at the chance. I have personally been using Skillshare for almost a year and have really enjoyed it. So it seemed like an obvious choice to promote it here. Skillshare have extended a special offer to our community: For a limited time, new customers can get their first 3 months for just $0.99. Sign up here to redeem the offer.

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  4. Oriol Hernandez Sanchez

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    Oriol Hernandez Sanchez is a Spanish illustrator and comic artist. Signing his work as “Oriol”, he is a frequent collaborator with prolific author, Zidrou, and the proud recipient of the Barcelona International Comic Revelation Prize.

    Oriol was born in Terrassa, Barcelona, in 1983. He studied at the Escola Joso until 2002. There he met Montlló Miki, Oriol Pérez and Aleix Valldeperas. After graduating, he worked in illustration, advertising and animation. He did a two-years stint at Filmax Animation, where he worked on Donkey Xote (2007) and Nocturna (2007). Oriol also went back to Escola Joso to teach a digital illustration course.

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  5. Mary Kate McDevitt

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    Mary Kate McDevitt is a freelance illustrator and letterer based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has worked with clients including Chronicle Books, Sesame Street, Nintendo, Penguin Books, Nike, O Magazine, and Mental Floss.

    Growing up, McDevitt was interested in art but was filled with doubt. Thinking her sketches were not good enough to finish, her sketchbooks housed the start of many incomplete drawings. She took art classes in high school, but the doubt followed her. She felt “rubbish” in comparison to others in her class.

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  6. Carter Goodrich

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    Carter Goodrich is an award-winning illustrator based in Los Angeles, California. He has illustrated for children’s books, magazines and designed characters for animated feature films The Prince of Egypt (1998), Ratatouille (2007), Despicable Me (2010), Hotel Transylvania (2012), Brave (2012) and The Croods (2013). Goodrich is the proud recipient of two Society of Illustrators, New York, Gold Medals and six ASIFA Annie Award nominations, including two wins.

    Goodrich Graduate of the Rhode Island School of design. In 1983, he began his career in editorial illustration, sharing a New York studio space with fellow illustrator, Buck Lewis. Working for publications Time, GQ, Playboy and Connoisseur. To date, he has also illustrated seventeen published covers for The New Yorker.

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