1. Manga Mondays ~ Eva Lara Ruiz

    Welcome to our first Manga Monday! With its roots firmly planted in Japan, Manga has become an international phenomenon. So to illustrate this, our first post in this weekly series is a big thumbs-up to Spanish comic book illustrator, Eva Lara Ruiz. Visit her Deviant Art page for more!

  2. Mr. Bingo

    I can’t help but smile when I’m browsing though the work of Mr. Bingo. ‘King of the Hill’ on opium is probably how I’d describe the style, though that’s probably not giving him enough credit.

  3. Rian Hughes

    Ryan Hughes has created some of the greatest comic title logos EVER. He is a very skilled designer, a dab-hand at comics and his advertisement posters are always original and quirky, irresistible to the eye. His fonts are also worth noting. He often creates his own fonts for new projects.

  4. Trent Kaniuga

    Known as ‘The Creed Guy’ in comic circles, Trent Kaniuga has been showing off his ink-splattered style for many years now. But he is also a very talented digital painter and video games artist.

  5. Mcbess

    Illustrator Matthieu Bessudo aka Mcbess combines the 1930s ‘Betty Boop’ style with a Japanese twist and detail that reminds me of the ‘Where’s Wally?’ books…all inked with superb skill. And it works. It really works.