1. Trent Kaniuga

    Known as ‘The Creed Guy’ in comic circles, Trent Kaniuga has been showing off his ink-splattered style for many years now. But he is also a very talented digital painter and video games artist.

  2. Mcbess

    Illustrator Matthieu Bessudo aka Mcbess combines the 1930s ‘Betty Boop’ style with a Japanese twist and detail that reminds me of the ‘Where’s Wally?’ books…all inked with superb skill. And it works. It really works.

  3. Ashley Wood

    Australia born artist Ashley Wood combines traditional painting techniques with photography and digital software, as well as comic book & graphic novel illustration. Whatever medium he chooses, his work is recognizable as his own.

  4. Faile

    Graffiti duo ‘Faile‘ have some fantastic work on their site, including prints, paintings, murals and now puzzle boxes! I particularly like the retro comic book styles mixed in with crazy bright colours and patterns.

  5. Pascal Campion

    Not only is Pascal an illustration dynamo (he posts work on his blog almost daily), his colour palettes are extraordinarily good. Surely it is not one man…there must be at least three Pascal Campions!