1. FWY Studios

    FriendsWithYou (FWY) is a art production company founded by the two Miami-based artists, Sam Borkson and Arturo Sandoval. Since its conception in 2002, FWY has continued to promote the two artists’ common message of magic, luck, and friendship. FWY have an impressive client list including: Coca Cola, Kellogs’s, MTV, Nike, Pictoplasma, Red Bull & Volkswagen.

  2. Fashion Fridays ~ François Berthoud

    Every Friday, we will be posting fashion illustration here on The Lounge. Without further ado, we’ll begin with François Berthoud, an illustrator with impact, detail and vigour. Berthoud uses various techniques, such as linocut and enamel drip, as well as a few select effects on the computer.

  3. Who’s Afraid of Mr. Greedy?

    The students (yes, I said students..!) at Gobelins surprise me every year with both their originality and their quality of animated shorts. This year is no different. I could have posted about any of the films from this year’s crop, as they were all fantastic – but this one made me really chuckle!

  4. Annette Marnat

    Annette Marnat uses a nice dry-brush style that is captivating and beautiful. Her characters have nice shapes and lines that make them interesting, and often there is a good use of white space that seems to make her characters glow in the sunlight.