1. Jacques Gamelin (1738-1803)

    Artist Jacques Gamelin was born in France. and studied at “Académie royale de Toulouse” and eventually became a painter to Pope Clement XIV. He is most known today for his paintings and engravings of battle scenes, which can be found in art museums throughout France.

  2. Robert McGinnis

    In university my tutor one day voiced his opinion on  the James Bond posters, insulting the artist, and saying that he gives too much of the story away. It was at that very moment that I stopped caring for what he had to say. McGinnis’s work is enviable, inspiring countless illustrators. Predominately creating work for pulp, he has also painted some of the most famous film posters including Breakfast at Tiffanys, Barbarella, and of course, several James Bonds. To delve deeper in the McGinnis archive I definitely recommend Tapestry: The Paintings of Robert McGinnis.

  3. Laura Diehl

    Laura Diehl is specializes in the genre’s of children’s illustration, fantasy illustration and science fiction illustration. Her work is known for its magical colour, glowing light sources, and whimsical yet believable feel.

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ Katie Woodger

    The next instalment of our weekly ‘Fashion Fridays’ showcases some of Katie Woodger’s illustrations. The nice details in the fabrics are lovely, and the bright colours on white really stand out as modern and edgy. She is currently pursuing teaching, and we wish her every success.

  5. History of 3d-Animation & CGI

    In less than 40 years, CGI & 3D graphics have moved from a mere twinkle in the eye to become one of the most popular creative industries in the world. Each year we are seeing more and more 3D and Special effects enhanced movies appearing on our cinema screens. 3D generated illustration, movies and advertising has now become the dominant force in comparison to traditional art-working methods.