1. Jeremy Wilson

    Dark strange fantasy, unsettling horror and eerie folklore are the subjects Jeremy Wilson is devoted to. A fantastic artist and illustrator who really brings the whole horror fantasy genre to life. Be sure to stop by his site to view more of his tormented works.

  2. Paul Pope

    New York based, Eisner winning, illustrator Paul Pope has done it all—Self-published, worked with the comic giants (Marvel, DC, Dark horse), worked with Japan’s largest manga publishers, worked with fashion house Diesel, and has been featured in a bunch of illustration books. Possibly most famous for his Batman mini-series, Batman: Year One Hundred, and his own comics Heavy Liquid, and 100%. If you are lucky enough to find his first art book PulpHope: The Art Of Paul Pope at a good price it is a must-have!

  3. Gax

    Just like playing with wet clay, this is a good kind of dirty. The use of textures, colour and line come together to create a gorgeous grungy Gax brand of magic! There’s a great blog full of gritty; go and take a look…