1. Mark Golding

    Mark Golding is a UK based fantasy / concept artist. The highlight of his work for me is his attention to detail when it comes to character design. Every weapon, button, buckle, tattoo and scar has been pre-determined in-order to enhance the character’s demeanour. His painterly style is very in keeping with the whole fantasy genre and deserves some finer attention.

  2. Ellie Tzoni

    I particularly like the ‘Hard Nut to Crack’ illustration on Ellie Tzoni’s website; it’s very fitting, seeing as this post is about a recent illustration graduate. Often new illustrators find it tough looking for work (pessimistic, I know). But new doors are opening every day, and we are seeing more and more illustration all around us. So hopefully Ellie, you should be feeling optimistic. Best of luck! And be brave…like Jake Parker says, there are many uncharted territories out there in the New Digital World as well as the old avenues of print  and so on.

  3. Margaux Kindhauser

    Margaux Kindhauser is an illustrator / comic artist from Switzerland. I just love her charming comic style, character design and her ability to set-up a “scene”. She it also an avid fan of creating fan art for popular films and TV shows such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Game of Thrones. She is currently working on her own comic “Clues”, Issue 1 and Issue 2 are currently available to buy on Amazon,  just follow the links.

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ Tom Bagshaw

    Tom Bagshaw is based in the historic city of Bath in England. Tom is a commercial illustrator and works under the signature of Mostlywanted. He has done some recent work commissioned for ST Fashion, a bi-annual published with the Daily Telegraph. The work was for a ‘Guide to coats’ feature in the Autumn / Winter issue.

  5. ‘The Known World of Visual Storytelling’ by Jake Parker

    The brilliant Jake Parker (a.k.a. Agent 44) has just posted up a great article about the avenues open to visual storytellers in today’s world. Parker asks the reader to imagine visual storytelling as a world to be explored. ‘The Old Country’ refers mainly to print, film and video games. ‘The New World’ refers to the digital world of apps, online gaming, e-books and the like. Beyond this is uncharted territory…