1. maria-menshikova-001

    Maria Menshikova

    Today we share the wonderful work of Russian illustrator Maria Menshikova. She works in various styles, though her black and white work stands out as something absolutely unique and incredible. I honestly can’t tell if she blends in photo-manipulation with traditional illustration, or if is all traditional hand-made work. The strong line-work alongside some soft tones and gritty textures works so well, the imagery doesn’t need colour to be powerful and exciting; it’s simply brilliant! I highly recommend visiting her website to sample every bit of her portfolio. Head on over…

  2. carolin-vogt-001

    Carolin Vogt

    Carolin is a digital artist from Hamburg, Germany. Looking through her portfolio, she has an incredible understanding of visual style. Her work ranges from cute, minimalistic characters to full on realistic renders. It’s all crafted with care and precision to a very high standard and some of the colour work is simply incredible. Visit Carolin’s website for more.

  3. nuno-da-costa-001

    Fashion Fridays ~ Nuno Da Costa

    Nuno Da Costa is a London based fashion illustrator with great technique and a sense of style that shines through in his work. He hand draws and then paints his illustrations with water colours and Gouache. Once he is happy, he then takes them into Photoshop for touch-ups and further digital painting. It’s a nice technique, as it’s not always easy to clean things up off-screen.

  4. mike-dornseif-001

    Mike Dornseif

    Mike lives and works in Chicago, USA. He has graphic design skills as well as illustration, enabling him to take on all sorts of interesting work. On his website, you’ll find packaging, logo design, illustrated patterns, album covers, illustrated skateboards and more.