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    Jul 2012

    Masha Manapov

    masha-manapov-001 masha-manapov-002 masha-manapov-003

    I was born to be a Mozart, a mountain mover, a super hero. But for now I’m enjoying exploring the overlapping areas of visual communication and art.”

    Masha Manapov a.k.a. Mashkaman works as a graphic designer and illustrator. I like the ideas and the general approach to the work. There is a concept in each piece, and they all tell a story. What great use of textures, too!

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    Jul 2012

    Jared Chapman

    jared-chapman-001 jared-chapman-002 jared-chapman-003

    Jared Chapman is an American illustrator who I’ve admired for a little while now. His style carries influence from the brilliant 1950s animation scene. But more than that, Jared’s illustrations always seem to have that ripeness and quality of finish, no matter what he’s drawing.

    Jared’s clients include Walt Disney Television Animation, Nick Jr. and Nike.

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    Jul 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Mats Gustafson

    mats-gustafson-01 mats-gustafson-02 mats-gustafson-03 mats-gustafson-04

    In the world of fashion there is a constant push and pull over the dominate medium splashed over the magazines. Mats Gustafson began his career in the 1970s where all the magazines were ripe with photography, with very little look in for illustration, and even less for abstract watercolours. He graduated from Scandinavian Drama Institute in Stockholm in 1976 and immediately got a job as a costume designer for Swedish television. His break into fashion came in 1978 where he had his first fashion illustration published in British Vogue. That lead the path to illustrating for American Vogue, Interview, Marie Claire, and the New York Times Magazine. He has helped developed advertising campaigns for Hermès, Tiffany & Co., Yohji Yamamoto.

    Mr. Gustafson soft monotone palette, and ever so delicate brush strokes actually combine to create truly powerful imagery. This technique leaves very little room for mistakes, as there is no covering it up, which gives you a deeper level of appreciation of his work. So can see more of Mats Gustafson’s work on his website.

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