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    Dec 2012

    Rafa Alvarez

    rafa-alvarez-001 rafa-alvarez-002 rafa-alvarez-003

    Spanish illustrator Rafa Alvarez has an impressive selection of works on his website. I like the way he sometimes uses coloured ink lines, almost like those in many animated films. There are nice strokes in his lines too. He has a good knack for well thought out editorial illustrations as well as advertising posters and comic strips.

    Rafa’s clients include Playboy Magazine, Etihad Airways and American Express. He has published graphic novels and children’s books and is currently working on interactive ebooks for the iPad.

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    Dec 2012

    Jeremy Holmes

    jeremy-holmes-001 jeremy-holmes-002 jeremy-holmes-003 jeremy-holmes-004

    A while back I bought a children’s book illustrated by Jeremy Holmes called ‘There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly’. It’s a great children’s book, full of textures and patterns and a clever ending (that I won’t spoil). So today, when I stumbled on Jeremy Holmes’ website I was delighted to find more of his work.

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