1. Fashion Fridays ~ Paul Iribe (1883 – 1935)

    Paul Iribe was a French Illustrator, cartoonist, designer, decorator, and art director. Starting his illustration career at the very young age of seventeen, he contributed work for papers such as L’Assiette au Beurre Rire, and Sourire. He and a small group of other illustrators, influenced by the art deco movement and Japanese painting, were reawakening the public’s attention of fashion plates. Iribe’s style worked hand-in-hand with fashion designer Paul Poiret’s modern ideas to popularise Poiret’s rather radical relaxed line of clothing. The controversy around the collection ultimately bought publicity and success to both Poiret and Iribe.

  2. Lotta Nieminen

    Lotta Nieminen is an illustrator and graphic designer from Finland. She has previously worked for fashion magazine Trendi, Pentagram and RoAndCo Studio, but now enjoys working as a freelancer. Her illustration clients include Hermès, New York Times, Volkswagen, United Airlines and Marks & Spencer. I like the way she plays with perspective in her work. She cleverly uses simple shapes that form intricate, striking visuals.

  3. Angenia Creations by Tonia

    Tonia is an Italian jewellery maker and aspiring children’s book illustrator. I hope you find her work inspiring, despite the fact that the work I’ve selected to show here is not illustration. Tonia is inspired by Japan, and it shows in her work, which is an interesting blend of manga and western children’s toys. I’m sure there would be a sizeable market for her beautiful jewellery. I’m probably not her target audience (30+ male), but I can definitely appreciate what she does!

  4. Federico Mariani

    Federico Mariani is an Italian illustrator, toy designer and graphic designer. I like his minimalist toys, which use just simple shapes, nice colours and interesting facial expressions. His illustrations include infographics, maps, children’s books and more. Clients include Mondadori Ragazzi, Edizioni EL, Editoriale Scienza, Grani & Partners/Preziosi Collection, Big & Small Peluches, and Ellepi baby apparel.

  5. Doug TenNapel

    Eisner Award-winning illustrator Doug TenNapel is likely best known for creating the incongruous Earthworm Jim. Originally created in 1994, Shiny Entertainment bought the rights to the character and released the successful video game, toy line, and cartoon series. Later in 1996 whilst working for Dreamworks, he created the acclaimed video game The Neverhood. Away from video games TenNapel has carved a respected career in comic books, starting 1998, with his release of the limited series GEAR. For the last decade he has released a new comic every year, including titles such as Earthboy Jacobus, Black Cherry, Ghostopolis, Ratfist and my personal favourite Creature Tech. Keep up-to-date with Mr. TenNaple on his website.