1. James Boorman

    Aussie James Boorman recently put up his new website, housing his illustration projects. His site currently has his series of pop culture characters and a couple of other pieces, and he is sure to add more in time. Do take a look; I’m sure you’ll find it fun!

  2. Kent Williams

    Presenting the formidable talent of Kent Williams. Working simultaneously as a painter and as a graphic novel artist (amongst other pursuits), he has been contributing to comics since the the early 80s. In 2005 he worked with filmmaker Darren Aronofsky to create The Fountain graphic novel. His expressive brush work attentively combine realism and abstraction. Often in dream-like surrounding, his central characters largely seem to be mid-narrative. I have always seen a strong Egon Schiele influence in Williams’ work, which is especially evident when looking at his pencil work. Keep up-to-date with Williams by checking out his website and blog.

  3. Roman Muradov

    I recently stumbled on the fantastic work of Roman Muradov through his current Kickstarter project. His charismatic illustrations are created by traditional linework, often inked with a brush, then colours are applied in Photoshop. Some of his previous clients include The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, GQ, and Dark Horse Comics. To see more of his work check out his website, and feel free to add more money in the already funded Kickstarter kitty.

  4. Fashion Fridays ~ Alina Filipoiu

    Alina is a freelance illustrator and architecture student from Romania. She uses photography, traditional and digital methods to create her work. Witty, provocative and intelligent, with visuals that’ll send you into a delightful frenzy; that’s how I’d describe her work in a sentence. There’s always something a little bit different and edgy about each piece of work, so I hope you enjoy the post. Thanks for getting in touch, Alina! Head on over to her Behance page to see more.

  5. Vero Navarro

    Vero Navarro lives and works in Madrid, Spain. She works predominantly using coloured pencils on kraft paper, to great effect. She has also worked using digital media at times, and I found her hand-made clay puppet to be a really beautiful piece of work.

  6. Fernando Forero

    Fernando Forero is a Columbian graphic designer working in Poland. He is a versatile creative, his talents spanning all kinds of things from corporate identity, typeface design and of course, illustration. His black books are a dark and absurd collection of characters from other worlds, so if you like a bit of fantasy art do have a look through these sketchbooks. I also really enjoyed his book covers, which bring together his experimental type layouts and illustrations.