1. jaime-visedo-canizares-001

    Jaime Visedo Cañizares

    I met Jaime when I was studying animation at KIAD. He was studying in Spain, but came over to England and joined our course for a few months as part of his degree. He put the whole class to shame with his incredible talent and hard work! His versatility is really impressive; he is a great character designer and animator in both 2D and 3D, he draws comics and is a natural story-teller too. He currently works at Kandor Graphics, who are definitely worth checking out and if you’d like to see more of Jaime’s work, visit his blog.

  2. soleil-ignacio-001

    Fashion Fridays ~ Soleil Ignacio

    Soieil is from The Philippines. She used to work as an Art Director for a magazine and now works as a freelance graphic designer/illustrator full time. You can really see how every mark was made by looking at her fluid line-work, particularly the details in her fabrics, flowers and hair. You can find more of her work by visiting her blog, or alternatively her Behance page. 

  3. luna-portnoi-001

    Luna Portnoi

    I really enjoyed looking through Luna’s Flickr page. The bright colours and intricate hand-made patterns are a powerful combination. It seems that the world is her canvas; from bikes to bottles, shoes and hardhats, Luna has put her mark on all manner of things. Lots of fun…

  4. santiago-vecino-002

    Santiago Vecino

    I believe Santiago is the first Uruguayan illustrator we have posted about on the Lounge; we thought we’d begin on a high note! His extraordinary illustrations can tell a story in a single image.  I really like his series of illustrations depicting a tall monument, each with a clever message. I won’t explain, it’ll just spoil it; go and see for yourself.

  5. hyung-tae-kim-1

    Manga Mondays ~ Hyung-tae Kim

    Korean illustrator Hyung-Tae Kim has designed characters for video games such as the Magna Carta series, the War of Genesis series and is currently working on Blade & Soul. Kim has also delved into the world of comic books contributed to the Udon Street Fighter series.