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    Aug 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Jacqueline Bisset

    jacqueline-bisset-001 jacqueline-bisset-002 jacqueline-bisset-003

    Jacqueline’s style uses nice variation of line thickness and areas of watercolour. She also uses Letrafilm collage in her work to great effect. Her women are beautiful, with interesting poses. But she can also draw stunning scenery and has great handwriting which comes into play for some of her illustrations.

    Jacqueline’s clients include Givenchy, Rigby & Pellor, The Sunday Times and Harper Collins.

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    Aug 2012

    Jordan Debney aka Eye Rupture

    jordan-debney-01 jordan-debney-02 jordan-debney-04 jordan-debney-03

    Self-taught New Zealand illustrator Jordan Debney concentrates his efforts on creating creatures of the more absurd nature. Not your run-of-the-mill pin-up woman or action man, no, Mr. Debney’s characters are more grotesque and zany, and often vomiting. But when combined with crisp line-work and vibrant colours, his work actually becomes rather attractive! See more of his abnormally compelling work on his website.

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    Aug 2012

    Massimo Carnevale aka Sketchesnatched

    massimo-carnevale-01 massimo-carnevale-03 massimo-carnevale-02 massimo-carnevale-04

    The lack of information on Massimo Carnevale is actually quite amusing. I can tell you two things about him, although you have probably already figured them out for yourself. One, he is Italian and two, his work is amazing. Whether he is doing digital painting, or ink work his style and control is fantastic. Mr. Carnevale does have a lot of fan art in his portfolio and seems to have a particular affinity to cult movies, and chooses some golden moments to illustrate. See more of his over on his blog.

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