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    Jul 2012

    Manga Mondays ~ Nana Li

    nana-li-001 nana-li-002 nana-li-003

    Nana Li grew up in Sweden and now lives in the UK. She graduated with a degree in engineering, but judging from the quality of her work, I think we can all see that her real passion is manga illustration. Some of her clients include Letraset, Canon, Simon & Schuster and the Victoria & Albert Museum. That’s not a bad client list for an engineer..!

    Visit Nana Li’s website.

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    Jul 2012

    Ridd Sorensen

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    Ridd Sorensen is an Art Director in the animation industry. He has an incredible sense of style; everything he creates is captivating in its own way. On Pixar Times you can read a nice interview with Ridd, where he mentions his love for street art and how inspirational it is to him:

    “I really believe it’s one of the last completely honest and pure art forms.”

    Well said, Ridd. To see more of his work, visit his blog.

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    Jul 2012

    Daniel Egnéus

    daniel-egneus-01 daniel-egneus-02 daniel-egneus-03 daniel-egneus-04

    This spectacular work is from Sweden-born illustrator Daniel Egnéus. In his short professional career, Mr. Egnéus has worked with some large clients such as Penguin Books, Pepsi Cola, Marie Claire, Time Magazine and BMW. More impressive then his list of client is that in March 2005 Daniel Egnéus was voted “best illustrator” by the Association of Illustrators UK.

    At his point I would normally go on to share my interpretation of his illustrations, but I feel I cannot top the words already said on his website:

    “Lucid, dreamy and vibrant illustrations reflect the enticing inner world of highly regarded artist, Daniel Egnéus. With no formal education except for life itself, Daniel sees everyday life and art as one inseparable whole. His work is an expression of his colorful and rich life in Milano and Rome, filled with friends and a wonderful girlfriend, and not least his daydreaming, which finds its way into his work, inspiring us with it’s beauty and depth.”

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    Jul 2012

    Jazz and Draw

    jazz-and-draw-01 jazz-and-draw-02 jazz-and-draw-03 jazz-and-draw-04

    Hey, we have just receive a wonderful suggestion from Philippe Debongnie, about a new blog he is curating called Jazz and draw. Well, that’s two of The Lounger’s favourite things, add glass of brandy and we have a party!

    Here is what Mr. Debongnie had to say about the website:

    “Jazz and draw is a mix of illustration and jazz music. It features a wide variety of artists expressing the musical world of jazz in their own style.

    The goal of this blog is to help everyone (me included) to discover new artists as well as new musicians, styles and/or albums.

    Because it is original, because it is fresh, because it is a fun project to discover and follow…”

    Jazz and Draw.

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