1. Peskimo

    Jodie and David have been working under the name of Peskimo since 2004. Since they started working together, the duo have created a series of toys for Kid Robot, their creations have appeared on t-shirts, billboards, in newspapers, magazines and more. Thier fun and friendly style has won over big clients such as Sony, Barclays, MTV, BBC and Vodafone.

  2. Manga Mondays ~ Yishan Li

    Yishan Li is a professional UK/Chinese manga artist born in Tianjin, China and currently residing in London. Li has been published internationally including China, USA, France and the UK. Her first manga, New Start, was published by in 1999 and she currently working a series titled Les Contes du boudoir hanté with French publishers Delcourt. Li’s manga work utilises clean lines and open shapes with little texture, creating an airy page easy to quickly digest. You can see more of her work on her website and Deviant Art page.

  3. Kozyndan

    Kozyndan is the super-star duo comprised of husband-and-wife Kozue (Kozy) and Dan Kitchens. Their work came into prominence in the early noughties, around the time when the illustration industry was getting new gusto and gaining more media prominence. Their prints were very popular in boutique art and book stores. It was in just such a stores where their beautifully detailed and absurd panoramics first caught my eye. Since then Kozyndan has gone from strength-to-strength, partaking in regular exhibitions, putting out a range of products, diversifying in style, and all the while picking more and more fans along the way.

  4. Maxwell A. Oginni

    Maxwell is a London based animation director, animator and illustrator. I like his experimental character designs; several different styles which show his versatility. If you visit his website, definitely check out his demo reel. It’s full of interesting animation, with excellent, punchy direction and some nice photomontage work. He has a great selection of work on his Vimeo page, too. We always like to hear from fellow Londoners, so thanks for getting in touch, Maxwell.

  5. PJ McQuade

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now would be a good time to order gifts and cards. For anyone who’s into Star Wars, PJ’s ‘Yoda Cupid’ card could be just what you’re looking for…If not, PJ also has some fantastic giclee prints available, such as his Brigitte Bardot.