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    Sep 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Lovisa Burfitt

    lovisa-burfitt-001 lovisa-burfitt-002 lovisa-burfitt-003

    Messy, crazy, exciting—just a few words that spring to mind when I see illustrations by Lovisa Burfitt. She is a rule-breaker, for sure. Her work feels spontaneous, something that comes from within and is not calculated, nor run-of-the-mill. H&M definitely realised this too; they asked Lovisa to draw all over their walls in their Milano store. The results are amazing, so be sure to check out the ‘Wall Paintings’ section on her website.

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    Sep 2012

    Aleksey Baydakov

    aleksey-baydakov-001 aleksey-baydakov-002 aleksey-baydakov-003

    Russian illustrator Aleksey Baydakov creates characters that are so full of life! There is usually an element of humour to his work and the way he uses texture is masterful. Be warned: His creations sometimes escape into the real world…

    See more of his work on his Behance page, or alternatively on his Dribbble page.

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    Sep 2012

    Karl Kwasny

    karl-kwasny-001 karl-kwasny-002 karl-kwasny-003

    Karl is a Manhattan based illustrator, with an excellent skill for hand-lettering. He also creates some really nice book covers, picture book artwork and editorial illustrations. Karl’s work is always pleasant to look at; I like the beautiful colours and he has a nice handle on his ink strokes. But there are also some attention grabbing ideas in his work, such as an unravelling women’s head and a flying turtle. It’s a mixture of good ideas and the technical ability to pull them off which make Karl very admirable.

    His clients include Coca-cola, Nike, Penguin, Virgin and Sony. See more on Karls’ website.

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    Sep 2012

    Manga Mondays ~ Tincek-Marincek

    tincek-marincek-001 tincek-marincek-002 tincek-marincek-003 tincek-marincek-004 tincek-marincek-005

    Slovenian twin sisters Valentina and Marina (Tincek-Marincek) create some superb pin-ups and share a Deviant Art page. You’ll find a lot of fantasy themed manga art amongst other illustration work, beautifully crafted with splashes of digital effects. I chose a few highlights to display here, but do visit their web page if you like what you see.

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