1. PJ McQuade

    With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, now would be a good time to order gifts and cards. For anyone who’s into Star Wars, PJ’s ‘Yoda Cupid’ card could be just what you’re looking for…If not, PJ also has some fantastic giclee prints available, such as his Brigitte Bardot.

  2. Cristian Grossi

    Cristian Grossi is a graphic designer, illustrator and fabric designer from Italy. Some of his designs can be very minimal, yet others are intricate and crammed from of details. His vibrant colours and clean vector style line work are what epitomise his visual creations. The abstract nature of his designs can be hypnotic, strange and disturbing, in the best sense of the word.

  3. Manga Mondays ~ Chong FeiGiap

    Malaysian manga artist Chong FeiGiap has some stunning work available to see on Deviant Art. The portfolio consists of different sections, so look out for the ‘Schoolgirl’ section which has some incredible background art, as well as the ‘Traditional and Student Period’ section for more realistic work. The background art includes a great piece which has traditional houses stacked on top of one another, seemingly reaching for the heavens. See for yourself…

  4. Charlene Chua

    Charlene Chua grew up in Singapore, and her creative career began in website design, later moving into graphic design and interactive design. In 2003 she started pursuing a career in illustration, and by 2006 she made it her full-time occupation. She has worked with clients from all over the world, including Google,  The Wall Street Journal, Konami and Oxford University Press.

  5. Otto Von Todd

    Sexy pin-up art can often be derogatory by its very nature, and even by pin-up standards Otto Von Todd pushes the boundaries at times. But then I’m not so sensitive, so I’m quite happy to appreciate the talent and skill involved to create illustration as good as this. His line-work feels effortlessly good, so natural and loose. I get the same feeling from his colours; he makes it look easy, like he has created something in twenty minutes which is better than something I would take a whole day to achieve. So sue me for being a little jealous! Pop over to his website and see more…