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    Jun 2012

    East London Comics and Arts Festival

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    If you are in London this Sunday, be sure to check out the East London Comics and Arts Festival. It looks to be a great event chocked full of excellent talent such as Tom Gauld, Luke Pearson and my good friend Iro Tsavala. Here’s a write-up from the ELCAF website:

    “ELCAF 2012, the first East London Comics and Arts Festival will take place this year on the 17th of June in the fantastic venue The Village Underground in London’s Shoreditch. The first edition of the festival will aim to showcase the plethora of youthful talent in the comics and graphic art scene in London and the UK and also to bring something fresh to our locals by drawing talent from abroad to take part in the event, inviting exciting new collectives and publishers from Europe and the wider World.

    Rammed with exciting programming for people of all ages, the events space will offer immersive encounters with the fascinating worlds of illustration and comics, while the fair will provide you with a unique opportunity to pick up affordable art and prints, the full gamut of comics and graphic novels and even the occasional hand made toy and t-shirt. The space is fully equipped with a refreshment booth with coffee, drinks and snacks and plenty of bathrooms for afterwards. What are you waiting for, ELCAF is going to be a blast!”

    This event is brought to you by Nobrow, previously featured on The Lounge. We wish it every success, and special thanks to Iro for the heads up!

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    Jun 2012

    Manga Mondays ~ Bananamantis

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    USA based Bananamantis creates brilliant fantasy style pixel characters. There is a mixture of Pokémon, My Little Pony and various other franchises amongst her work, as well as loads of original characters. I’ve always found pixel art amazing. It’s fascinating to see how creative you can get within the restrictions of the pixel grid. This is an artform that was created out of necessity, as technology moved onto computer screens. Now that we have moved on from that visual language, as screens have much higher resolutions and can take in much more detailed imagery it is great to see so many people online still taking up this art form. Visit Banamantis’ Deviant Art page here for more of her excellent pixel work.

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    Jun 2012

    Robin Joseph

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    Robin is a visual developer working freelance in the animation industry. He has an absolutely incredible imagination! What I found by looking at his work were two things: He can draw anything. He can draw anything in a number of unique styles (brilliantly). I’m glad I stumbled on his website, Patch of Orange. In my eyes, Robin Joseph is a master of visual development. And how about that great colour work?

    Robin’s clients include Aardman Feature, BlueSky Studios, Dreamworks Animation, House of Cool, Pixar and Walt Disney Feature Animation.

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    Jun 2012

    Keith Negley

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    Keith is an editorial illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. I love the playful textures and perspective in his work. It feels experimental, stylish and retro. He approaches every project with intelligence and his wittiness comes through, which is great! I highly recommend visiting Keith’s website.

    His work has been recognised by The Society of Illustrators, Creative Quarterly and Lurzer’s Archive Best 200 Illustrators. His clients include The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and PC World.

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