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    Jul 2012

    Tadaomi Shibuya

    tadaomi-shibuya-001 tadaomi-shibuya-002 tadaomi-shibuya-003

    Tadaomi Shibuya is a Japanese illustrator with an incredible geometric style. What I find amazing about this style is that it can be deployed to portraits just as well as more abstract subjects. Shibuya says he is influenced heavily by hip hop and artificial factory products.

    Clients include Nike, Givenchy, Diesel and New Scientist.

    Visit Shibuya’s MySpace page.

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    Jul 2012

    Vanessa Alice Bensimon aka Miss Van

    miss-van-01 miss-van-02 miss-van-04 miss-van-03

    At the beginnings, my dolls were self-portraits. Graffiti has a very megalomaniac side; instead of writing my name, I chose to represent myself through my dolls.

    – Miss Van.

    Born in Toulouse, France and graffing from the age of 18, Miss Van has one of the most recognisable style in the street art scene. Her dolls, with their exaggerated curves and sultry eyes, often in less then demure positions, ooze seduction with all intention to provoke a reaction. Her work has been exhibited in various galleries across the globe, often with other great street art talents, such as Banksy, Faile, and Shepard Fairey. More recently Miss Van moved to Barcelona and partnered with fashion designer Anaoana producing clothes and accessories under the brand name Miss Van & Anaoana.

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    Jul 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Sarah Beetson

    sarah-beetson-001 sarah-beetson-002 sarah-beetson-003

    Sarah is from Manchester, a northern city in the UK. She has had an incredible career to date, working with some of the most respected people in fashion today. One of her first jobs in the fashion industry was at Yellowdoor, the fashion marketing company run by Mary Portas. This kick-started an illustration career that boasts a client list including Diesel, Kings of Leon, IKEA, The British Fashion Council, Continental Airlines and OXO to name a few. It’s not hard to see why her illustrations are so sought after; they are unique in style and are brilliantly eye-catching.

    Visit Sarah’s website.

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    Jul 2012

    Gabriel Mourelle

    gabriel-mourelle-001 gabriel-mourelle-002 gabriel-mourelle-003 gabriel-mourelle-004

    Gabriel is an Argentinean illustrator who started out as a web designer. Web and graphic design, as well as probably any other creative discipline, can teach us skills that can be transferred usefully into illustration. These web design skills are evident in Gabriel’s work and that’s probably why his designs for online games in particular stand out. It is a clean and clinical finish, but charged with emotion and you just want to reach into the screen and grab the work, hug it and squeeze it!

    Visit Gabriel’s website for more.

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    Jul 2012

    Chase Stone

    chase-stone-01 chase-stone-02 chase-stone-03 chase-stone-04

    With a name far too cool to be real, Chase Stone is an American digital painter and illustrator. His images often depicting action or trepidation strangely evoke a calm feeling. This is mainly due to the muted pallet he works in, and his regular use of soft edges. Regardless of genre, by it sci-fi, fantasy, or the everyday his work is never without the “wow” factor. Keep up with with Mr. Stone on his “updated often probably” blog.

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