1. Filter017


    Filter017 started as a creative design agency in 2004. Based in Taichung City, Taiwan, the trio Enzo Lin, Wen Ko, and Nick Chen set up the company with the aim of bringing together Eastern and Western design cultures. In little over ten years Filter017 has earned multiple awards, featured in countless publications, exhibited habitually, and worked with several leading brands worldwide.

    They designed and manufactured packaging, clothing, toys, skateboards, and all kinds of sports accessories for comapines including Nike, Adidas, Dr. Martens, Rody, Scooter Attack, laFraise, OUTERSPACE, and adFunture. In 2009, Filter017 utilized their experience working for others to create their own products. They released a clothes and lifestyle brand under their own name. It received international attention and become famous virtually overnight. Thier East meets West philosophy has been carried over to their own brand, additionally mixing up humour, classic and street trends. Since then, they have produced an array of clothing and accessories, vinyl toys, skateboards, key rings, cups, umbrellas, lighters, and the list goes on.

    The Filter017 product line has taken off in such a big way that in 2011, to better manage both facets of the company, they combined their studio with a showroom. Part retail shop, part workshop, called Filter017 CREALIVE. If you enjoy perusing around other people’s working environment, they have taken some wonderful shots of the Filter017 office.

    The team, much larger these days, still collaborates with companies like Adidas, Nike, and the famous anime Evangelion. They have also built up an ongoing relationship with the Taiwan Professional Baseball team, Uni-Lions. Where they have designed the team uniforms, team accessories, and branded products.

    Find out more about Filter017 on their website, and follow them on Instagram.