1. Neill Cameron


    Neill Cameron is a freelance illustrator, writer, and teacher based in Oxford, England. Much of his focus and effort goes into making awesome comics for young readers. His work regularly appears in the weekly children’s comic The Phoenix. Currently, he is writing and drawing Mega Robo Bros for The Phoenix, as well as writing Tamsin and the Deep, illustrated by Kate Brown.

    This year Cameron released the pirate and dinosaur extravaganza, The Pirates of Pangaea, which he co-write with Daniel Hartwell. Previously he had published Mo-Bot High. A comic that was originally serialised in The Phoenix’s predecessor, The DFC and later, in 2013, compiled into a graphic novel. Cameron accumulated his knowledge of the comic-making process into the children-friendly guidebook, How To Make Awesome Comics.

    Cameron’s passion and ambition to inspire children through comics and illustration is displayed in his various workshops. He travels the UK giving talks in schools and libraries, demonstrating the role comics can play in children’s literacy and creativity. He is also currently the artist in residence at The Story Museum in Oxford, where he has contributed several large-scale comic strip installations and is involved in comics-based education and activities. I have a sneaky suspicion that if Neill Cameron ever met Jerzy Drozd they would get on like a house on fire.

    Be sure to check out more of Neill Cameron work on his website and blog, as well as his A to Z of Awesomeness.