1. 30 Minute Speedpaint!


    Miss Heather Dixon recently started a fantastic blog over here for illustrators and artists who really want to improve their skills, fast. The basic premise is that you choose a picture you want to paint in 30 minutes, then post both your version and the original on the blog.


    – You can paint in any medium

    – 30 minutes to paint (not including prep time)

    – No colorpicking

    – Post both your picture and the original

    – Try to stay active–1 speedpaint a day is a good goal.  Months without posting & you let Mrs. Eisenhower & the American people down.

    – Keep it super clean. (Sad I have to say that, but I do.) Anything inappropriate will be taken off.  Our moms visit this site, y’know.

    Want to join?

    Email Heather at [email protected] I think it’s a brilliant idea.