1. Dale Edwin Murray


    Dale got in touch with us recently and as always we love to hear from our visitors! Dale has some really great editorial work on his website. He has a really nice angular style, straight lines often cleverly used to direct the eye. I always appreciate an illustrator who can think outside the box as well as deliver aesthetically pleasing work. His ideas are interesting and executed with confidence; here’s a true professional.

    Clients include Google, V&A, easyJet, Toyota, BBC, Microsoft…and a load of other big names. YCN seem to be doing great job representing this talented illustrator.

    I had a quick look at his shop ‘Hip Hop Head Prints’. These are prints of some Hip Hop legends, all in Dave’s angular style looking amazing. I love how you can tell who’s who, even in such a simple style. At the very least, they’ll make you chuckle! So go and take a look…