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    Jan 2012

    Carlos Araujo

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    Brazilian illustrator Carlos Araujo spent eight years working as a graphic designer. He then decided to focus on his illustration skills, which was the turning point of his career. He has never looked back…

    “My illustration style uses silhouettes and high contrasted figures with an whimsical and fun approach. A lot of my illos look like a scene captured from an animated movie like they are a part of a larger story. And instead of saying “style” I prefer the technical term ‘my way’.”

    Carlos has been selected twice as one of the world’s 200 best illustrators according to Lüerzer’s Archive.

    Thanks to Jose Mauricio Ribeiro de Araujo for the link.

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  • Emmanuel

    darn it that 2nd one just looks like it came out of a children’s book tguhoh (one that would sell a quarter million copies too).. major dilemma in my brain right now.. this is what i get for staying up too late on a school night and catching up on my twitter feed