1. Andy Bennett


    Andy Bennett is a freelance illustrator, and visual development artist based in Kent, England. He specialises in animation pre-production, storyboarding scenes, designing characters and environments. He also takes part in a lot of global illustration projects such as the 1001 Knights Anthology by Kevin Jay Stanton and Annie Stoll, and most recently the illustrated zine, Burl & Fur.

    Growing up Bennett was inspired by comics, Saturday morning cartoons and Sci-Fi. He studied Animation at Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication, graduating with a Fda in Animation Practice and a BA in Animation Production.

    In conjuction with Light Grey Art Lab’s recent exhibition, The ROBO Show! Jenny Bookler interviewed Bennett. Where he spoke about his influences, thought and technical process.

    A couple things strike me instantly looking at Bennett’s work. The first is his tendency to stick with midtone colours. Using lower chroma colours makes his figures and landscapes appear as if they are under a blanket of grey clouds. Which, unless you live in London, feels unnatural. That feeling is juxtaposed with Bennett’s ability to astutely capture people. Their expressions, their clothing and how they wear them. With that level of thought and detail, when you look at his illustrations you get the sense that his characters are between breaths.

    To see more of Andy Bennett’s work check out his website, Tumblr, Instagram and following him on Twitter.