1. Peace Tea: Give Peace a Chance


    John Malloy is a self taught and multi-disciplined artist based in New York. His illustrations have been featured in a variety of publications, including The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and the ‘Illusive 3’ Book of Contemporary Illustration.

    Whilst browsing his exciting portfolio, I came across his artwork for the all-natural “Peace Tea” beverage. This work includes the Branding and Logo Design, plus a different illustration for each of the Peace Tea flavours. What I find interesting is the packaging design for each of the flavours represents a different location in the world. John Malloy has done a great job with developing the visual branding and packaging design for Peace Tea.

    I rather do enjoy a spot of Tea, whether it be served hot or Ice cold. I’ll keep an eye out for when it appears on our shelves here in the UK. Peace Tea is a product developed by Hansen’s Beverage, makers of Monster Energy drinks and Hansen’s Soda.

    Check out more of John Malloy’s work on his website.