1. Humberto Ramos


    By the mid 90s I had successfully chosen my three favourite comic book artist, Joe Madureira, J. Scott Campbell and you guessed it, Humberto Ramos. You can only imagine my delight when they buddied together to form Cliffhanger. Over the years I have revelled watching the way Mr. Ramos’s style has evolved, I especially love his confidence in his un-inked pencils. It was his art in Impulse that made me sit up and take note. After which he went on to work on some brilliant comics including, Ash, Crimson, Out There, Wolverine and Runaways. Dotting around publishers early on Mr. Ramos has, it seems, found a home with Marvel and is currently penciler for The Amazing Spider-Man.

    Here is a little something for my fellow Cliffhanger geeks!