1. Glyn Dillon


    Comic artist Glyn Dillon started his career way back in the 90s. He was one of many a contributors to the British comic magazine, Deadline, where he collaborated with Tank Girl author Alan Martin on a strip called Planet Swerve. Around 2008, Dillon began working on a graphic novel titled The Nao of Brown, in 2012 it was released by UK publisher Self Made Hero, and the critics greeted it with very positive reviews. He used a pencil and watercolour style for the book, choosing not to ink at all. Instead he drew with a HB pencil then darkens his lines in Photoshop. A technique which retains all the nuances of a pencil, that can not always be imitated by ink. The best place to see more of Glyn Dillon’s work is on his blog.

    …and yes, for those who are thinking it, he IS the younger brother of Steve Dillon.