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    Jun 2012

    Claire Wendling

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    Claire Wendling is a multi-award winning illustrator from Montpellier, France. She is an incredibly talented character designer, with a real handle on how to use shapes to bring about interesting body and facial features. In my humble opinion she is one of the best visual developers around. But Wendling is much more than just a character designer; her comic book work is beautiful. Even in simple black and white, the quality and originality of her line-work is something to behold.

    You can visit Claire’s website here, but the best way to sample her work is to see it in print. I’d recommend purchasing any of her sketchbooks. They are packed full of various types of work and are worth every penny. I own many sketchbooks and visual development books, but I have to say that Claire’s are my favourites.

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  • Romii

    EY!! i’m someone!! :P.You’re a beast coiposmng te 90′ draws. Quick and effective. I envy you.I’ve got the opportunity to talk with Claire Wendling and she told me the cats (and felines) she do are done without any references. It’s ALL in her head.I don’t like to be a fan…but…it’s nearly impossible not become a fan of her.Ey…but this is your BLOG.ERIC RULES!