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    Nov 2012

    Belinda Strong

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    Bee is from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a whiz at creating simple, bright, cute characters and patterns that find their way onto cushions, fabrics, greetings cards and more! Looking through her blog, you’ll find a master class in self-branding. It’s also evident that she lives and breathes this brand (baking cakes, making jam, gardening and collecting buttons). This is a good platform to sell her own products and it’s always reassuring to approach an illustrator whose style is consistent; that way you know what to expect.

    Visit the Little Beehive, Belinda’s website. 

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    Nov 2012

    Maxime Morin

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    French graphic designer Maxime Morin has some really edgy illustrations on his website. I love his collection of Yukamis, although admittedly I don’t really know what on Earth a Yukami is. I think it’s related to the Mexican Day of the Dead from the looks of things. Nonetheless, very charming characters indeed. Maxime also created a set of playing cards, all with incredible clean line-work. For those of you who like a bit of clever photo-cut-up style illustration, you’ll be in for a treat if you visit his website. Enjoy!

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    Nov 2012

    Dima Je

    dima-je-001 dima-je-002 dima-je-003

    Dima Je is a designer/illustrator based in Moscow, Russia. His illustrations feature in much of his designs, including packaging, invitations, posters and more. He uses letterpress, vector art and I believe also screen printing. Everything on his Behance portfolio looks amazing, but you can also see plenty more on his Dribbble page.

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    Oct 2012

    Rhafael Aseo

    rhafael-aseo-001 rhafael-aseo-002 rhafael-aseo-003

    Enjoy the sublime vector talents of Philippine based Rhafael Aseo. The neon colour schemes and very human style mixed with the clean forms of vector art pack a real punch! I think the bold, strong style would make for terrific advertising, so if any art directors out there are looking for a real impact artist, visit Rhafael’s website to get in touch.

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