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    Sep 2012

    Glenn Jones

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    New Zealander Glenn Jones designs some clever, quirky t-shirts with really well executed illustrations. I love his Humpty Dumpty piece! He started selling t-shirts on Threadless and now has his own company which sells to over 80 countries around the world. It’s always reassuring to know originality can pay off, even for illustrators in a saturated market such as t-shirts.

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    Aug 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Nila Aye

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    Born in Burma, Nila grew up in England and graduated from London’s Central St. Martins College of Art. Since then she’s been working as a freelance illustrator, with clients including Marks & Spencers, McDonald’s, Royal Mail and Paperchase. I love her sexy, minimal, colourful and fun illustrations, of which you can find plenty more on her website.

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    Aug 2012

    Jordan Debney aka Eye Rupture

    jordan-debney-01 jordan-debney-02 jordan-debney-04 jordan-debney-03

    Self-taught New Zealand illustrator Jordan Debney concentrates his efforts on creating creatures of the more absurd nature. Not your run-of-the-mill pin-up woman or action man, no, Mr. Debney’s characters are more grotesque and zany, and often vomiting. But when combined with crisp line-work and vibrant colours, his work actually becomes rather attractive! See more of his abnormally compelling work on his website.

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    Aug 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Caroline Johansson

    caroline-johansson-001 caroline-johansson-002 caroline-johansson-003 caroline-johansson-004

    It’s Fashion Friday once again here on The Lounge! This week’s excellent addition to the series is Caroline Johansson. She demonstrates how brilliant the clean lines resulting from using vector art can be when trying to show detail such as hair, fabric and pattern. The beautifully chosen flat colours accompanied with black lines also have tremendous impact.

    See Caroline’s portfolio.

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