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    Dec 2012

    Steve Simpson

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    Award winning Irish illustrator Steve Simpson creates visuals that are so rich with type and colour it hurts.

    “Steve takes an organic approach to his projects, blending the disciplines of design and illustration. He spends a great deal of time on construction, shape and problem solving at the pencil stage. Continuously re-drawing until a balance of aesthetics, key brief considerations and client satisfaction have been realized.”

    Every piece of work in his portfolio leaves me stunned with amazement, so head on over to see more…

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    Dec 2012

    Carolin Vogt

    carolin-vogt-001 carolin-vogt-002 carolin-vogt-003 carolin-vogt-004

    Carolin is a digital artist from Hamburg, Germany. Looking through her portfolio, she has an incredible understanding of visual style. Her work ranges from cute, minimalistic characters to full on realistic renders. It’s all crafted with care and precision to a very high standard and some of the colour work is simply incredible. Visit Carolin’s website for more.

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    Dec 2012

    Fashion Fridays ~ Licaco Kakuta

    licaco-kakuta-001 licaco-kakuta-002 licaco-kakuta-003 licaco-kakuta-004

    Tokyo based illustrator Licaco used to work as a manga artist, but with such a unique style Licaco has been sought after by clothing brands, magazines and the like. Clinets include Vogue, Cointreau, Channel Five and The Ritz-Carlton. There is a lot more excellent work to be found on the Licaco website, so head on over!

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    Nov 2012

    Mathieu Beaulieu

    mathieu-beaulieu-001 mathieu-beaulieu-002 mathieu-beaulieu-003

    Mathieu’s work is full of zany characters, perfect line work and punchy colours. He studied animation at degree level, and then later worked in the video game industry, on animated series and advertising. Mathieu has also contributed to 100% Recycled Paper, an Illustrator’s Lounge initiative which is a collaboration of several artists (which we hope to launch as soon as finances allow).

    An all-round professional, he’s a pleasure to work with. He now works freelance, so if you’d like to commission him or see more of his work, visit his website.

    Clients include Coca-Cola, Game Works and Télé-Québec.

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    Nov 2012

    Belinda Strong

    belinda-strong-001 belinda-strong-002 belinda-strong-003 belinda-strong-004

    Bee is from Melbourne, Australia. She’s a whiz at creating simple, bright, cute characters and patterns that find their way onto cushions, fabrics, greetings cards and more! Looking through her blog, you’ll find a master class in self-branding. It’s also evident that she lives and breathes this brand (baking cakes, making jam, gardening and collecting buttons). This is a good platform to sell her own products and it’s always reassuring to approach an illustrator whose style is consistent; that way you know what to expect.

    Visit the Little Beehive, Belinda’s website. 

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