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    May 2013

    Jing Zhang

    jing-zhang-001 jing-zhang-002 jing-zhang-003 jing-zhang-004 jing-zhang-005

    Jing Zhang is an illustrator, typographer and designer from southern China and currently living in trendy London. Her infographics are exceptional, and her experiments with 3D illustrated type are very powerful. I cannot express enough how inspiring her portfolio of work is, so visit her website or Behance to drool over the rest of her portfolio.

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    May 2013

    Christian Wischnewski aka Wischnik

    christian-wischnewski-wischnik-001 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-002 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-003 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-004 christian-wischnewski-wischnik-005

    Wischnik was born in Wolgast, and now lives and works in Berlin, Germany. His website portfolio is a must-see. It’s full of all sorts of styles and mediums, including vector, animation, collage, traditional inked illustration, digital illustration and even a great little comic strip simply titled ‘Oh’. You can definitely see that this is someone who enjoys their work. And I enjoyed it too.

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    Apr 2013

    Sam Vanallemeersch aka Kolchoz

    kolchoz-001 kolchoz-002 kolchoz-003 kolchoz-004

    Sam Vanallemeersch is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Belgium. He creates some wonderful imagery, full of shapes that overlap each other and slot together. This technique requires taking great colour when picking colours, as there is no linear separation between each segment. Clients include Random House, Nobrow Press and Monocle.

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    Mar 2013

    Esther Diana

    esther-diana-001 esther-diana-002 esther-diana-003 esther-diana-004

    Esther Diana hails from Spain. Character design, background art, conceptual art, graphic design and traditional editorial illustration are all among her many talents. From vector to watercolours, she demonstrates what a powerhouse of a talent she is. As always, we have a small selection for you to glance over here at The Lounge, so please do click through to her website and see a lot more excellent work.

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