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    Oct 2015

    Jean-Charles Desevre

    jean-charles-desevre-01 jean-charles-desevre-02 jean-charles-desevre-03 jean-charles-desevre-04 jean-charles-desevre-05 jean-charles-desevre-06

    Presenting the exquisitely intricate work of Jean-Charles Desevre. A French graphic artist based in the picturesque coastal region of Normandy. He has a penchant for old-timely graphic design reminiscent of the ostentatious designs of the Victorian era. As such, his work is apt to premium and luxury products.

    Desevre’s designs have embellished restaurants, wine bottle, cigars, cheese, and playing cards. The set of playing cards, Medallions, produced by magic trick aficionados theory11 spared no expense. The case features ultra-lux matte paper, embossed, and covered top to bottom in a striking gold foil. In short they looked amazing, and as such quickly sold out. They produced a second batch which, unsurprisingly, sold out again.

    All of Desevre’s illustrations are produced in Adobe Illustrator. At first, that does not strike you as a big deal, but when you start to look at the labyrinthine of detail, the consistently organic curves, and the distressed appearance some his emblems have, you quickly appreciate the skill and time he has put in.

    To see more, check out Jean-Charles Desevre’s work on Dribbble.

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    Oct 2015

    Fashion Fridays ~ Svetlana Makarova

    svetlana-makarova-01 svetlana-makarova-02 svetlana-makarova-03 svetlana-makarova-04 svetlana-makarova-05 svetlana-makarova-06

    Svetlana Makarova is a fashion illustrator based in Kiev, Ukraine. Without any formal art training, Makarova quit her job as a manager and began to teach herself. She studied Corel DRAW and eventually got a job as a web designer, moving to three different design studios before feeling ready to begin freelancing and concentrate on her illustrations.

    With an interest in fashion from a young age, Makarova’s naturally veered in that direction. Her love of fashion and sensibilities for detail really bring personality to her characters. I particularly like her “New Old Tales” project in which she dressed familiar fairytale characters in the latest Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen collections. The juxtaposition actually works surprisingly well.

    Be sure to check out more of Svetlana Makarova’s work on her website and DeviantArt page.

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    Sep 2015


    CatchphraseDan-01 CatchphraseDan-02 CatchphraseDan-03 CatchphraseDan-04 CatchphraseDan-05 CatchphraseDan-06

    Daniel Campbell, or more commonly known CatchphraseDan, is a graphic designer and illustrator from Birmingham, England. After working for a creative brand agency for almost 2 years, he recently decided to pursue a career as a “Honcho in a Poncho”. By which I assume he means freelancer. Possibly to spend more time on his #GoFishFriday project (if you click on the link, please ignore the people actually fishing). In his own word this is what the project is all about:

    At the start of the year, I decided that I wanted to begin a weekly illustration project that was fun and that I would look forward to each week. Now, as you know, there are 52 weeks in a year, 12 hairs in a sandwich and 52 cards in a merry old deck – how convenient is that? Well, it was very convenient for me, so I packed up my things and began my journey, stopping every Friday to add a card or two to the deck.

    It is also important to note that there are also 86 pimples on your back, 35 beard hairs in a barrel, 12 crocodiles on a clip and 8 limes in a coconut. Which is something CatchphraseDan would be only more than happy to point out.

    As well as the obvious silliness and humour, CatchphraseDan’s work feels very organic and off-the-cuff. Dancing his pen around the page to create something that resembles a face: sometimes it doesn’t even resemble a face, but he will put eyes and a mouth on it anyway. I would be surprised, or worried, to find out that the illustrations that he ends up with are the ones that are in his head.

    You can follow the progress of #GoFishFriday on his Instagram, Facebook, Ello and Tumblr.

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    Aug 2015

    Fashion Fridays ~ Ënnji

    ennji-06 ennji-04 ennji-01 ennji-02 ennji-03 ennji-05

    Ënnji is French illustrator represented by both Karine Garnier and illozoo. She creates stripped-down illustrations focusing on basic shapes and limited colours. Occasionally adding in textures such as watercolour or ink splats. Roughing up otherwise pristine shape adding some movement. Ënnji’s illustrations play on negative space. She regularly balances visible shapes with ones that are purposely obscured, compelling the viewer complete the image themselves.

    You can find more of Ënnji’s work on her website and tumblr.

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    Mar 2015

    Gregory Hartman

    gregory-hartman-01 gregory-hartman-02 gregory-hartman-03 gregory-hartman-04 gregory-hartman-05 gregory-hartman-06

    Presenting the work of graphic designer and illustrator, Gregory Hartman. Based in Pittsburgh, Hartman is currently a designer at language-learning service, Duolingo. Hartman’s styles comfortable split into two areas. The first being his re-imagined existing characters, with exaggerated physical features, beautifully rendered. The second is a flatter, icon-inspired, with geometric shapes and limited colours. Where does Hartman get his inspiration from? Well…

    My most reliable source of inspiration is my drive for creating something different.

    You can see more of Gregory Hartman illustrations on his website and on Dribbble.

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