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    Jul 2013

    Justin Mezzell

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    Justin Mezzell is a designer-slash-illustrator living in Orlando, Florida. I like the interesting way he uses geometry to create his work. The sun-blushed colours and gritty textures create a nice aesthetic. Justin is at perfectly at home illustrating weapons, buildings and complicated techy things (that I fear even attempting in my own work). He also creates user interfaces, which you can see more of on his website.

    For those of you who like to delve a bit deeper, Justin has a humorous, opinionated blog which I enjoyed reading through and recommend.

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    Jul 2013

    Proko TV by Stan Prokopenko


    Proko is a very inspiring resource of instructional videos by artist Stan Prokopenko. I have been watching heaps of it lately. Each video is filled with tips playfully presented by Mr. Prokopenko. Overall they serve as a great introduction to life drawing, and an encouragement to keep practising the fundamentals. What are you waiting for? Go subscribe to his YouTube Channel now!

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    Jul 2013

    Jason Gamber

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    Over the years growing up, I’ve had lemons for cars. Which in turn means that my nose was constantly in repair manuals. I’ve always been fascinated by the complexity of exploded diagrams. I’ve ventured into many fields of illustration, but my mind only sits comfortably with this type of challenge. And the ultimate challenge being creating machinery that looks functional and in some way invokes emotion.

    Jason Gamber brings life to technical illustration. His work is so well executed and he brings together such a marvellous blend of ideas that you cannot help but be impressed. Jason lives and works in Oregon, USA.

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    Jun 2013

    Tom Gilmour

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    London-based illustrator Tom Gilmour creates detailed hand drawn black and white pieces. His work draws inspiration from a ranges of sources including tattoo art, native folk art, and Asian patterns. Mr. Gilmour’s marries rather morbid subject matters and symbology with beautiful intricate patterns to create intrigue. See more of Tom Gilmour’s work on his website.

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