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    Feb 2014

    Fashion Fridays ~ António Soares

    antonio-soares-01 antonio-soares-02 antonio-soares-03 antonio-soares-04 antonio-soares-05

    António Soares is a fashion illustrator based in Portugal, and represented by German agency Candy. Mr. Soares’ soft watercolours and graceful lines give his illustrations a whimsical feeling. It is as if his figures are a vague memory, or a dream, on the cusp of fading completely.

    Go to Mr. Soares’ tumblr to see more of his work.

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    Feb 2014

    Gabi de la Merced

    gabi-de-la-merced-01 gabi-de-la-merced-02 gabi-de-la-merced-03 gabi-de-la-merced-04 gabi-de-la-merced-05

    Based in Madrid, Gabi de la Merced is an illustration and animation. He works in both digital and traditional medium, but his tradition acrylic paintings really stand out in his portfolio. Many of Gabi paintings often mingle non G-rating overtones with well known family-friendly characters. However, his strong colour choices and soft textures are what really draw you into his work.

    Keep up to date with Gabi de la Merced by following his Undead Blog.

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    Feb 2014

    Wilhelm M. Busch (1908 – 1987)

    wilhelm-m-busch-01 wilhelm-m-busch-02 wilhelm-m-busch-03 wilhelm-m-busch-04 wilhelm-m-busch-05 wilhelm-m-busch-06

    William Martin Busch was born in Breslau, Germany. His father was a painter and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. During Mr. Busch’s professional life he jumped from decorative painter to press illustrator, freelancing as artist, then sharing his wisdom as a teacher. Not least, amidst it all, illustrating over 300 books. Duly earning recognition and the distinguished Edwin Scharff Prize.

    Mr. Busch’s style ranges from meticulous and realistic renders, to loose and speedy sketches. Of which his entire gamut is equally enchanting. Personally, I am besotted by Mr. Busch’s more relaxed linework. He could capture the essence and gesture of a moment at a level that is rarely achieved.

    There are a couple of great websites that feature a ton of Wilhelm M. Busch’s work, head to Hans Bacher’s blog and Deja View.

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    Nov 2013


    toerning-01 toerning-02 toerning-03 toerning-04 toerning-05

    I recently stumbled on the wonderful work of Toerning through one of her few, but very useful, tutorials. Her tutorials are filled with tips about lighting, perspective, composition and colour, and well worth a gander.

    Often working with traditional mediums such as ink, acrylics or gouache. Toerning’s knowledge of lighting and colour really stands out. And her marrying of both traditional and digital processes create some stunning results, as seen in her Selkie pieces.

    To see more of Toerning’s work, check out her DeviantArt and Tumblr.

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    Nov 2013

    非 hi

    xhxix-01 xhxix-02 xhxix-03 xhxix-04 xhxix-05

    Tokyo-based artist whom prefers to remain nameless, ageless and faceless simply goes by the pseudonym hi, often found with the accompanying symbol 非 (non-). As stunning as his paintings are, they were made that bit more spectacular to me when I found out they are produced wholly digitally. hi could be the first illustrator I have come across where I appreciate their work more for not being traditional.

    hi’s subject matters are often quite bleak and haunting. Choosing to depict gaunt figures, often nude, creates an explicit vulnerability. The pallet choice, however, could be the real draw to hi’s work. Though most pieces have a mute overtone, they are filled with a wealth of colour. The beauty of the vivid colour clash congers up thoughts of fantasy and mysticism. This combination of bleak and beautiful contributes to the off-kilter nature of the pieces.

    Head over to 非 hi’s tumblr to see more bewitching work.

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