1. Illustrator’s Diary: May Events and Exhibitions


    Here are the some of the events and exhibitions we are most looking forward to opening this month. We have also included a few must-see exhibition ending this month.

    If you know of an upcoming event or exhibition that you think we should know about, get in touch. We would love to hear your suggestions.

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  2. GRAPHITE is Now Live on Kickstarter!

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    Following 3dtotal.com’s highly successful Kickstarter campaign for The Art of Loish is GRAPHITE magazine – a brand new campaign currently seeking funding! GRAPHITE will be a printed art magazine with an eclectic mix of interviews, tutorials, inspiration and advice, for people who love to draw and admire art.

    Its unique look and style will make for an elegant coffee-table browse, while the insightful resources inside will prove invaluable for the creative in you. Each issue will showcase the very best that the industry has to offer, from professionals to talented newcomers, from illustrators and urban sketchers to concept designers and comic artists – GRAPHITE aims to bring you diverse and exciting artwork with a traditional media slant, all of which will leave you inspired and informed.

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  3. Illustrator’s Diary: April Events and Exhibitions


    Finding a good illustration event or exhibition can sometimes be a real struggle. So here are the ones we are most looking forward to around London (and Italy), opening this month.

    If you know of an upcoming event or exhibition that you think we should know about, get in touch. We would love to hear your suggestions.

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  4. Manga Mondays ~ Keiko Takemiya

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    If you follow the Illustrator’s Lounge on Facebook or Twitter, you may have seen us mention the latest exhibition being held at the House of Illustration, Shojo Manga: The World of Japanese Girls’ Comics. Shojo is manga aimed at a teenage female readership (shojo literally means “young woman”). Shojo Manga will be the first major exhibition of the genre in the UK. So, I thought I would take this opportunity to look at one of the pioneers of shojo and a highlight of the exhibition, Keiko Takemiya.

    Takemiya was born in 1950 in Tokushima, Japan. She began drawing manga while still in middle-school, though kept it secret from her parents. At 17-years-old, she submitted “Kokonotsu no yujo” (Nine Friendships) to Mushi Pro’s COM magazine and received a Newcomer Award. One year later, in 1968, she made her debuted in Margaret magazine with the award-winning story “Ringo no tsumi” (Apple’s Sin).

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  5. When Hell Breaks Loose

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    When Hell Breaks Loose is an upcoming illustration exhibition curated Bat Country Collective, hosted at east London’s Old Shoreditch Station.

    Bat Country Collective and friends bring a range of imaginative responses to the theme ‘When Hell Breaks Loose’ with new series of prints and illustrated objects. The London and Stockholm based illustration group share a love of dark humour that they use here to investigate forces brewing beneath the surface of everyday life.

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  6. Competition ~ Win Your Artwork as a Screen Print to be Exhibited at Pick Me Up 2016


    To celebrate their inclusion in this year’s Pick Me Up – the annual graphic arts festival held at London’s historic Somerset House, screen printing studio and publisher 3rd Rail Ltd are offering one person the chance to win their 3 colour artwork as an edition of 25 hand pulled screen prints. The winner will also have their entry shown at Pick Me Up within the 3rd Rail exhibition space.

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  7. 100 Hours ~ Now Live on Kickstarter!

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    3dtotal has recently launched the incredible 100 Hours campaign on Kickstarter so we wanted to give you a bit more information about this fascinating project here. The aim is to bring together 100 hours’ worth of video tutorials featuring 100 artists, all for an affordable one-off payment of £18 (approx. US$25). If successful, the videos will be hosted on the 100 Hours website where backers will be given a unique login and password that will allow them to stream videos on their computer, phone or tablet. It will also be possible to download the videos so you can keep them forever to watch and learn from over and over again.

    3dtotal currently has over 80 artists lined up so far and are asking backers to suggest artists they would like to be included as well. The tutorials will cover a range of artistic media and styles, including traditional sculpting and drawing, as well as digital 2D and 3D art. Randy Bishop, Wylie Beckert, Abigail Larson, Jesse Aclin and Tran Nguyen are among some of the artists involved.

    The tutorials will all be created afresh for this project, so the video content will be new and exclusive to 100 Hours backers. The wide range of artists involved means that there should be something for everybody, whether you are a traditional artist, sculptor, or digital painter. It is a project by artists, for artists.