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    Oct 2015

    Made by Radio

    madebyradio-03 madebyradio-02 madebyradio-01 madebyradio-04 madebyradio-05 madebyradio-06 madebyradio-07 madebyradio-08

    Made by Radio is a creative studio and production company, specialising in motion, illustration, iconography and typography. It started small as a collaboration between Londoner Byron Meiring and Capetonian Gert Schoeman, which by 2011 had grown into a fully functioning studio. Since 2011 the team as been in a state of flux, with new talent steadily coming in whilst the seasoned creatives venture out. Recently, co-founder Schoeman moved on, started a new creative venture called Makers Company.

    Throughout the years and the talent, one thing remains consistent, Radio has the “skills to pay the bills”. Those skills have attracted huge clients such as Sony, IBM, General Electric, and ESPN. Their work has illuminated the pages of New Scientist, Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine as well as regular contributions to Monocle Magazine.

    Earlier this year they wrote and directed a haunting short for Walmart, titled The Babble Creek Monster. It was based on a story by Walmart employee, Eric S. Brown, and was part of a campaign to empower the talents of their staff. The animation flows seamlessly from one scene to the other, the limited pallet, and sinister narration intensify all the way up to its ominous conclusion.

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    Oct 2015

    Jean-Charles Desevre

    jean-charles-desevre-01 jean-charles-desevre-02 jean-charles-desevre-03 jean-charles-desevre-04 jean-charles-desevre-05 jean-charles-desevre-06

    Presenting the exquisitely intricate work of Jean-Charles Desevre. A French graphic artist based in the picturesque coastal region of Normandy. He has a penchant for old-timely graphic design reminiscent of the ostentatious designs of the Victorian era. As such, his work is apt to premium and luxury products.

    Desevre’s designs have embellished restaurants, wine bottle, cigars, cheese, and playing cards. The set of playing cards, Medallions, produced by magic trick aficionados theory11 spared no expense. The case features ultra-lux matte paper, embossed, and covered top to bottom in a striking gold foil. In short they looked amazing, and as such quickly sold out. They produced a second batch which, unsurprisingly, sold out again.

    All of Desevre’s illustrations are produced in Adobe Illustrator. At first, that does not strike you as a big deal, but when you start to look at the labyrinthine of detail, the consistently organic curves, and the distressed appearance some his emblems have, you quickly appreciate the skill and time he has put in.

    To see more, check out Jean-Charles Desevre’s work on Dribbble.

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    Sep 2015

    Josh Hurley

    josh-hurley-01 josh-hurley-02 josh-hurley-03 josh-hurley-04 josh-hurley-05 josh-hurley-06

    Josh Hurley is a British illustrator and screen printer, based in Hertfordshire, England. He studied illustration at Falmouth University and after graduating he interned with Print Club London. It was there he developed his screen printing skills. Subsequently, Hurley along with his friend, Oliver Moinet, formed an independent screen printing studio called The Key Print House. Where they not only offer print services, they put their design and illustrations skills to good use.

    Over time, Hurley has worked with clients such as Jamie Oliver, Tesco, and The Canal & River Trust. As well as exhibiting in the Print Club London Group Show 2013, Line Up 2013 and New Designers 2012. Also nice to know is that Hurley shares his illustrating knowledge with the new generation of artist, teaching art classes for Fine Art For Kids.

    You can find more of Josh Hurley’s work on his website and instagram.

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    Sep 2015

    Fashion Fridays ~ Danilo De Donno

    danilo-de-donno-01 danilo-de-donno-02 danilo-de-donno-03 danilo-de-donno-04 danilo-de-donno-05 danilo-de-donno-06

    Danilo De Donno is an Italian freelance graphic and fashion designer, who goes under the mantle Stylographic.. His illustrations take advantage of a range of media and techniques, frequently incorporating photography as well as hand lettering.

    Donno switches his work between sensitive and humorous. Just as easily I laugh at his dogs wearing crowns, I can lose myself in his floral patterns.

    You can find more of Danilo De Donno’s illustrations on his website and dribbble page.

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    May 2015

    Brave the Woods

    brave-the-woods-01 brave-the-woods-02 brave-the-woods-03 brave-the-woods-04 brave-the-woods-05 brave-the-woods-06

    Brave the Woods is a design and illustration studio based in Texas, comprised of duo Brad & Krystal Woodard. They create retro inspired illustrations with strong graphic design sensibilities. Some of their clients include Target, Old Navy, Honda, Urban Outfitters, Microsoft, and the History Channel.

    Their styles vary per project, drawing inspiration from a range of sources and experiences. Though, looking across their portfolio, I can see the influence of UPA in their character design and a touch of Alexander Girard in their graphic design. The typography is also a key element of their work. Always in keeping with the overall piece, their type is playful and fun without compromising the clarity.

    Brave the Woods also have a shop called Brave Outpost. It is jam-packed with goodies from Books to T-Shirts. With great prices too, it is definitely worth perusing.

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