1. Becky Dreistadt

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    Becky Dreistadt is a painter and comic artist working in Los Angeles. She the artist of comics Tiny Kitten Teeth, and Capture Creatures.

    Growing up in Virginia, and raised on cartoons, Dreistadt dreamt big. “Wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was.” At just 15 years old, she began working as a caricature artist at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Her quest then led her to Georgia, where she studied at Savannah College of Art & Design.

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  2. Rémi Bastie

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    Very recently we featured animator, Paul Lacolley. Today we turn our attention to his fellow CRCR collective member. Rémi Bastie is a French animator and Gobelins graduate. Whilst at Gobelins, and the years following it, Bastie has work on some wonder animations. Some have already been mentioned in our Lacolley feature, but other great ones include CRCR’s first short movie Jesus 2000, which was made during an internship at WIZZ Design, the psychedelic advert for LOWDI, and the poignant short New Sensation. WIZZ now represents the group of directors, enabling them to continue collaborating together.

    Bastie’s own work exhibits a lot of traditional ink work. Using the computer to add colours and the occasional texture. His style ranges up from simplified and limited lines to looking as if it was drawn from a photo. Predominately though, he enjoys squashing his characters faces and protruding their chins. Making for a more comical appearance. Yet, coupled with more adult themes, and his stark use of blacks, Bastie’s illustrations tend to have an element of discomfort more than humour.

    You can find more of Rémi Bastie’s illustrations on Tumblr and flick through his older work on Blogger.

  3. Manu Larcenet

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    Emmanuel Larcenet, better known as Manu Larcenet. He is a French comics writer, illustrator and colourist. A prominent name in Franco-Belgian comics. To date he has worked on in excess of 50 books. Larcenet is known for his humour, showcased on title Bill Baroud and Le retour à la terre (The return to earth). However, he has demonstrated a great strength to handle deeper social and emotional content, evident in Le combat ordinaire (Ordinary Victories) and Blast.

    Born in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, Larcenet was making comics from the age of 10. He studied art in Sèvres and then completed a visual communication degree at École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers, also called Olivier de Serres.

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  4. Pablo Auladell

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    Pablo Auladell is an award-winning Spanish illustrator and cartoonist. His first publication, El camino del titiritero, came out in 2001 and earned him a Saló del Cómic de Barcelona Best Newcomer Award in 2002. He has since consistently worked on an average of four books each year. Having a particularly productive year In 2008, he released 9 titles. Totaling 60 books in just 14 years.

    Auladell’s books have been published by many of Spain’s top publishers including Anaya, Actes Sud and Libros del Zorro Rojo. He is also a regular collaborator with writer Pablo Albo. The pair have worked on Mar de sábanas (2003), which he won a Ciudad de Alicante Award for Best International Illustrated Children’s Book, El espantapájaros (2005), Inés azul (2009), Diógenes (2010) and Alas y olas (2011).

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  5. Manga Mondays ~ Marcel Pérez

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    For today’s Manga Monday, we look at the work of Spanish illustrator and designer, Marcel Pérez. He creates manga-influenced ink and watercolour paintings and has built up quite a fanbase for his Avatar, Pokémon and Disney fan art.

    Pérez recently attended one of Europe’s largest comics, illustration and games festival, the Lucca Comics & Games. On top of the many sketches he produced whilst there, he was also launching a new comic for No Lands Comics. Firewind is a complately new four-part tale continuing the Across the No Lands adventure. Issue 1 was written by Nax, coloured by Isabel Terol and illustrated by Pérez.

    You can find more of X work on DeviantArt, Tumblr and follow him on Twitter.

  6. Jonathan Lankry

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    Jonathan Lankry is an Illustrator and Animator. Born in Paris, France, Lankry is largely a self-taught artist. He did spend a year studying 2D and 3D animation at LISAA, followed by a year studying Graphic and Web Design at L’École Multimédia.

    After graduating, Lankry served as a 2D Animator, Concept Artist, UI Designer and Illustrator for French companies 2 minutes, Morphee Interactive, and Ankama. Working on video games, animation, magazines and comics. Following a few years of working in animation studios and games companies, Lankry became a freelancer in 2013.

    Lankry’s style is influenced by an amalgamation of manga with European and American comics books. High energy and very dramatic, he contorts his figures to creates dynamic poses. Dirt, rubble, bullets and fabric strew in all directions adding a sense of motion and intensity. His use of over-saturated colours, in some cases 100% magenta and yellow, capture your attention instantly. All elements combine to make his illustrations leap out and draw you in.

    You can find Jonathan Lankry in almost every corner of the internet, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few. You can find a full list of links on his website. You can also buy his prints and sketchbook from his shop.

  7. Lucy Mazel

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    Lucy Mazel is a freelance illustrator based in Lyon, France. Though Mazel enjoyed art in High School she did not consider herself a “natural.” Undeterred, she worked hard at it and earned her place in a private art school. She graduated in 2009, and began working as a freelancer straight away.

    Mazel has predominantly illustrated for comic books, but has worked for magazines and advertising agencies. She also frequently contributes artwork to the Los Angeles gallery, Nucleus. Her first published work was in the Petit à Petit book, Poèmes érotiques, released in 2009.

    Her comic work includes Sky Doll – Dolls Factory 2 (Soleil/Marvel, 2010), La danseuse Papillon (Soleil, 2010), Le Petit Prince – Le Monde de la musique (Glénat, 2011). Her most recent work, Communardes ! Les éléphants rouges (Vents d’Ouest, 2015), was released in September and written by Wilfrid Lupano.

    Mazel has cited Charles Dana Gibson and Jeffrey Jones as strong influence on her own work. Though comfortable digitally, she prefers to use traditional techniques, pencil, watercolour and colorex. You can read the 2D Artist Magazine article about Mazel, where she explains her process in depth. You can also see her working process here.

    To see more of Lucy Mazel’s illustrations, check out her portfolio. You can find her on Tumblr and Blogger.