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    May 2013

    Le Thu

    le-thu-001 le-thu-002 le-thu-003 le-thu-004 le-thu-005

    Vietnamese illustrator Le Thu is currently working on a really interesting comic book project entitled ‘Titi’s Adventure’. It’s about a boy called Titi who enters a fantasy land where trees take human form and vice versa.

    “There is a world, where plants become not so far from human kind…”

    Le’s work generally is very cute and pleasing to the eye, and there are several interesting projects to browse through on her Behance page. Enjoy!

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    May 2013

    Anca Sandu

    anca-sandu-001 anca-sandu-002 anca-sandu-003 anca-sandu-004 anca-sandu-005

    Anca Sandu is a Romanian illustrator with several styles and skill sets. Firstly, she has a good eye for typography; you can see lovely experimental work on her website. She is also a keen fashion illustrator, but probably her best strength is children’s book illustration. Her first book was published by Random House and is titled ‘Churchill’s Tale of Tails’.

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    May 2013

    Eric Comstock

    eric-comstock-001 eric-comstock-002 eric-comstock-003 eric-comstock-004

    Fun, stylish, bright and friendly—Eric’s illustrations are all of these things. I love his characters made up of geometric shapes. Illustrations are naturally flat or two-dimensional by nature, so it’s interesting to see the way he embraces that in his work; everything feels unashamedly flat, with simple shapes fitting together to create exciting compositions. Find more of Eric’s work on his website.

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    May 2013

    Lois Van Baarle aka Loish

    lois-van-baarle-02 lois-van-baarle-04 lois-van-baarle-03 lois-van-baarle-01 lois-van-baarle-05

    The label “Internet Famous” gets thrown about a lot these days, not always justifiably, but after amassing a huge fan-base on sites like deviantArt and Facebook, I believe Lois Van Baarle has definitely earned it. Born in Holland, Lois Van Baarle studied animation in Ghent, Belgium, then continued her studies at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU). Lois is currently working as a freelance illustrator and animator with international clients including Channel 4, CBBC, and Centre National du Jeu. All the while self-funding and developing her animation project, Trichrome. Check out her website for more stunning work. Also her FAQ is a very useful read for those looking to to start a career in illustration or wanting to learn more about digital techniques.

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