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    Jul 2013

    Hannah Christenson

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    Fantastic colour work from Texas born, Hannah Christenson. She seems to have a knack for combining every colour in the spectrum effortlessly. Currently living in China, Hannah studied Illustration at Brigham Young University-Idaho, and now works as a freelance illustrator. Some previous clients include and Galileo Games. You can see more of her rather stern-faced characters on her website, and blog.

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    Jun 2013

    Kali Ciesemier

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    Freelance illustrator Kali Ciesemier is based in Baltimore, Maryland. She gained a BFA in Illustration at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) where she now teaches in the Illustration department. After working as a concept artist at Big Huge Games she turned her hand at freelancing. Some of her clients include The New Yorker, Harper Collins, The Walrus, LA Times, and the Boston Globe. Her work is produced completely digitally using a graphics tablet. What is also nice about Kali Ciesemier’s illustrations, especially her personal work, is that her themes and genres cross a multitude of fields. Check out Ciesemier’s portfolio on her website, and also take a browse around her blog, where she has interesting workings and sketches.

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    Jun 2013

    Andrea Femerstrand aka Noukah

    andrea-femerstrand-001 andrea-femerstrand-002 andrea-femerstrand-003 andrea-femerstrand-004

    Swedish illustrator Andrea Femerstrand works in the games industry and freelances in her spare time. Her digital painting skills and visual style are well suited to story books and concept art; she’s also a talented character designer. You can see a lot of her step-by-step process on her Behance page, which is very insightful.

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    Jun 2013

    Emilia Dziubak

    emilia-dziubak-001 emilia-dziubak-002 emilia-dziubak-003 emilia-dziubak-004 emilia-dziubak-005

    There is lovely warmth to Emilia Dziubak’s illustrations. Her children’s books are beautiful, and she’s even created a children’s cook book! I am totally smitten by her work and am sure many of you will be too. I had such a tough time picking some of my favourite illustrations to share with you; I highly recommend visiting her blog or Behance page.

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    Jun 2013

    Joris Thys

    joris-thys-03 joris-thys-02 joris-thys-01 joris-thys-04

    Based in Belgium, illustrator Joris Thys has a fun, carefree style. His characters expressions are exaggerated, and his perspectives are distorted, making his style fun and accessible for children. Mr. Thys’ watercolour pieces are often rendered analogously, and by way of complementing colours he directs focus and creates impact. To see more of Joris Thys’ work, check out his website.

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