1. C2C – Delta


    Sit back and enjoy the epic sci-fi animated video for turntablists C2C’s Delta from his 2013 album, Tetra. Created by French animation collective CRCR.

    The fully realised music video a civilisation on the cusp of destruction from an unknown triangular enemy. Their fate rests on the shoulders of their stern-faced leader.


    Music: C2C
    Label: On And On Records
    Director: CRCR
    Production: WIZZ / QUAD
    Animation: Rémi Bastie, Nicolas Dehghani, Paul Lacolley, Nicolas Pegon, Jérémy Pires, Vic Chhun, Bong Nguyen, Thibaud Petitpas, Xavier Ramonède

  2. Richard Méril

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    Richard Méril is a French illustrator and storyboard artist from Paris. His personal work draws inspiration from afrofuturism, anime, and hip-hop.

    He graduated from L’école Émile Cohl Art School and since 2010, Méril has created Storyboards for many of Paris’s top animation and advertising agencies including Fred&Farid, STUDIO HARI, Marathon Media, and Xilam Animation. Méril is currently Storyboarder for Cartoon Network’s The Amazing world of Gumball.

    Méril’s illustrations are full of characters with attitude. They are cool and confident, commanding the viewer’s attention. His use of saturated colours adds an element of fun and energy. All of those qualities can be see in the animated short which he directed, En bel so.

    You can see more of Richard Méril’s work on ArtStation, Instagram and follow him on Twitter.

  3. Wildfire


    Wildfire is a short animated graduation film. It tells the story of Ena, a passionate firefighter and wife. Her fascination with fire reveals itself as it impacts her family life.

    The characters in the short are drawn with delicate outlines. Whilst the backgrounds are made up of bold lines and dark graphite rubbings. The fire is represented by crude coloured wax pastels. These visual clues help to instantly give the viewer a sense of the fragility of man enclosed in their harsh surroundings.

    The slow pace is accentuate by using alomst no music. Audio is essentially made up of ambient noise and some dialog. When music is used, it is for affect. A sound cue for the inner workings of our main character, Ena. It is a wonderful touch, that brings the viewer closer to Ena, creating a connection.

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  4. Becky Dreistadt

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    Becky Dreistadt is a painter and comic artist working in Los Angeles. She the artist of comics Tiny Kitten Teeth, and Capture Creatures.

    Growing up in Virginia, and raised on cartoons, Dreistadt dreamt big. “Wanting to be the very best, like no one ever was.” At just 15 years old, she began working as a caricature artist at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg. Her quest then led her to Georgia, where she studied at Savannah College of Art & Design.

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  5. Tout en haut du monde / Long Way North


    Tout en haut du monde / Long Way North, written by Patricia Valeix and Claire Paoletti, is an upcoming feature length animation. It was co-produced by French studio, Sacrebleu Productions, French production company Maybe Movies, and Danish animation company Nørlum. It is the feature debut for director Rémi Chayé. Who previously has worked in the animation department for The Painting (2011), Eleanor’s Secret (2009) and The Secret of Kells (2009).

    1882, Saint Petersburg. Sasha, a young Russian aristocrat, has always been fascinated by the adventurous life of her grandfather Olukine. A renowned explorer, he designed a magnificent arctic ship, the Davai, but he hasn’t returned from his last expedition to conquer the North Pole. Sasha decides to set out for the Great North to follow her grandfather’s trail in order to find the famous ship.

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  6. Rémi Bastie

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    Very recently we featured animator, Paul Lacolley. Today we turn our attention to his fellow CRCR collective member. Rémi Bastie is a French animator and Gobelins graduate. Whilst at Gobelins, and the years following it, Bastie has work on some wonder animations. Some have already been mentioned in our Lacolley feature, but other great ones include CRCR’s first short movie Jesus 2000, which was made during an internship at WIZZ Design, the psychedelic advert for LOWDI, and the poignant short New Sensation. WIZZ now represents the group of directors, enabling them to continue collaborating together.

    Bastie’s own work exhibits a lot of traditional ink work. Using the computer to add colours and the occasional texture. His style ranges up from simplified and limited lines to looking as if it was drawn from a photo. Predominately though, he enjoys squashing his characters faces and protruding their chins. Making for a more comical appearance. Yet, coupled with more adult themes, and his stark use of blacks, Bastie’s illustrations tend to have an element of discomfort more than humour.

    You can find more of Rémi Bastie’s illustrations on Tumblr and flick through his older work on Blogger.

  7. Palm Rot


    Today we are starting something new which we are calling Sequential Sundays. Each Sunday we will showcase work in the field of animation. Be it shorts, trailers, making-ofs, and perhaps even tutorials. It should work well as a nice addition to our already established days, Manga Mondays and Fashion Fridays.

    Kicking off Sequential Sundays is Palm Rot. A frenzied short by American animation filmmaker Ryan Gillis Lizama. Palm Rot takes us on a journey into the Florida Everglades. We follow a crop-duster named Bill who discovers a lone crate. Letting curiosity get the better of him, Bill could not have prepared for what happened next.

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