3D & CGI Rendering

  1. Art&Graft

    Art&Graft is an award-winning design and animation production studio based near London’s bustling Brick Lane. It is renowned for insightful and striking animations.

  2. PADRE

    PADRE is a short stop-motion film directed by Santiago Bou Grasso. It is the winner of 90 international awards and was selected in 265 international film festivals.

  3. Alejandro Albarracin

    Alejandro Albarracin is a freelance 3D modeller from Bogota, Colombia. Not to be confused with the dreamy Spanish actor of the same name. I have been keeping an eye on Albarracin’s work for a while now (the illustrator, not the actor), waiting for a good time to finally feature him.

  4. Darren Bartley

    Darren Bartley is a concept artist based in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. He has over a decade of experience in the video game industry and is currently the Senior Concept Designer at Riot Games. He has previously worked on titles including Crysis 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Stellar Dawn and Runescape.

  5. Tokyoplastic

    Tokyoplastic comprises of London-based directors Andrew Cope and Sam Lanyon Jones. The duo specialises in character design and animation. Over the course of a decade, they have created commercials, short films, designer toys and even a virtual pet. Their clients include Toyota, Nokia, Nike, Microsoft, and MTV.