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    Oct 2015

    The Line


    The Line is an animation collective comprised of 6 directors, Bjorn-Erik Aschim, Wesley Louis, Sam Taylor, Tim McCourt, Max Taylor, and James Duveen. Based in London they create short films, adverts, music videos, and games.

    The Line was formed in 2013 when the 6 directors, all previously friends or colleagues with shared interests, had an urge to make “good stuff” together. Their first foray as a collective was for the short film Everything I Can See From Here. The personal project gathered lots of attention online, as well as a BAFTA nomination. It has since been screened at various film festivals.

    I think I first noticed their work with the animation Wallflowers. Another self-initiated short, it a collection of nightclub scenes showcasing the various urban tribesmen and women drinking, dancing, holding up the wall, letting loose and letting it all hang out. Most of which you will undoubtedly recognise from your nights out.

    The Line’s body of work is of a ludicrously high standard and they are just getting better and better, with their most recent efforts raising the bar. Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit is a project that spawned from an old comic Wesley Louis drew in 1991, when he was 13 years old. He found it in an old folder and brought it into the studio to show the others. They all agree there was something special about it. They started to talk about and imagine it as if it were a cartoon series from the 90s. That buzz of excitement quickly turned into storyboards for an intro sequence. In love with the project and wishing it were actually a real cartoon from the 90s, they decided to release it as such. They wanted so much to fool others that is was a bygone cartoon that they planted backdated blog posts, uploaded badly photocopied model sheets to forums, they painted a cel from the film and even sold a Ninja Rabbit lunchbox and flask on Japanese Ebay. Furthermore, they created a VHS version of the intro to put on Youtube and went as far as to make it a UK censored version. It swapped the word “Ninja” for “Mega” and removed the references to Wyatt’s (the frog) nunchukas, all as nod to 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. The Line are currently selling a “radical” 108-page digital art book of ‘Super Turbo Atomic Ninja Rabbit on Gumroad that contains animation sequences, storyboards, character designs, model sheets, sketches and background art, as well as the original 1991 comic.

    Most recently, The Line worked with Electric Theatre Collective, on a series of animated adverts promoting Freeview’s new on-demand service. Freeview Play – “Set Yourself Free” is a monumental undertaking, especially for the 6-man collective, and so they boosted their numbers and ended up working with a team of over 45 artists to bring the city and its residents to life. The team created 25 unique characters and employed the artistry of Manddy Wyckens to design “The Girl”. This collaboration with Electric Theatre Collective went so well that The Line decided to permanently move into their central London studio and work closer together sharing resources and know-how.

    You can find more animations and information on The Line’s website. Also, be sure to check out their animation podcast The Pegbar and Grill podcast, each episode they discuss animation-related topics with top animators and filmmakers.

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    Apr 2015

    Gustavo Soares

    gustavo-soares-01 gustavo-soares-02 gustavo-soares-03 gustavo-soares-04 gustavo-soares-05 gustavo-soares-06

    Gustavo Soares is a 3D artist based in Tatuí, Brazil. Using programmes ZBrush, 3ds Max and Photoshop he produces loveable caricatures and characters. Soares very recently joined Techno Image, a studio which seems to be collecting talent at the moment. Previously featured artist Pedro Conti and Victor Hugo are also part of the Techno Image team.

    Soares’s distinctive clay-like renders, which include meticulous details down to dried clay areas and fingerprint marks, are all part of his self-initiated Daily sketch project.

    To see more of Gustavo Soares’s work head over to his Behance and ArtStation pages.

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    Mar 2015

    Eran Hilleli

    eran-hilleli-01 eran-hilleli-02 eran-hilleli-03 eran-hilleli-04 eran-hilleli-05 eran-hilleli-06 eran-hilleli-07

    Tel Aviv-based animator Eran Hilleli was gaining recognition and winning awards whilst he was still a student at The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. His graduation film, Between Bears is a reflective and haunting short. Its poetic nature allows the viewer carve their own meaning. Between Bears went on to win Best Animation Award at Vimeo’s first film festival and Best Animation in the Webcuts category at Berlin Internet Film Festival.

    Hilleli currently works as an Animation Director for XYZ Studios and Hornet. Working with a range of clients from corporate companies to music artist, Hilleli still manages to include a whimsical and eerie element to much of his work.

    Hilleli’s geometric animations are created using Trapcode, Maya and After Effects. His style is beautiful in its simplicity, allowing for fluid ghostlike motion. It is pushed further with the use of abstract colours and lighting giving a tangible sense of atmosphere in every frame.

    You can find more of Eran Hilleli work on Tumblr, Behance and Vimeo.

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    Feb 2015

    Qarlos Quintero

    qarlos-quintero-01 qarlos-quintero-02 qarlos-quintero-03 qarlos-quintero-04 qarlos-quintero-05

    Presenting the work of Columbian 3D artist Qarlos Quintero. Graduate of Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, Quintero has worked professionally as 2D and 3D illustrator since 2008. Currently he is a Concept Artist and 3D Modeler at mobile games developers, Brainz.

    Quintero’s personal project Arya and Nymeria really stands out for me. It is a blending of both his 2D and 3D styles, allow the forms to look flatter and be more expressive with simplified shapes. You can find a healthy dose of more Game of Thrones inspired art, among other work, in Quintero’s ArtStation portfolio. You can also find Qarlos Quintero on Tumblr and Society6.

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    Dec 2014

    A Large Evil Corporation

    a-large-evil-corporation-01 a-large-evil-corporation-02 a-large-evil-corporation-03 a-large-evil-corporation-04 a-large-evil-corporation-05 a-large-evil-corporation-06

    A Large Evil Corporation do exactly what you may suspect, steal candy from babies and worship the almighty dollar. However, in the plus column, they do produce wonderful animations! I was alerted to their work, like many, through their superb Cornetto… Evil Vinyl designs. Something that started as a fun homage quickly began attracting a lot of attention. After the huge positive response and endless questions such as, “These are awesome, where can I buy them?” the Evil Corp. recently announced they have partnered with toy company Funko, to capitalise on their success.

    A Large Evil Corporation has produced adverts for clients including Unilever, Orange, Virgin, and General Mills. Many of these adverts as well as their shorts can be enjoyed on their Vimeo channel.

    Now you know all about the evils that A Large Evil Corporation do, you may want keep an eye on them. You can do so via their twitter and Facebook pages.

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