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    Oct 2015

    Yukai Du

    yukai-du-01 yukai-du-02 yukai-du-03 yukai-du-04 yukai-du-05 yukai-du-06

    Yukai Du is an illustrator and animator from Guangzhou, China. She completed a Degree in Design and Visual Communications at the eminent London art school, Central Saint Martins. She also stayed an extra year to complete a Master’s Degree in Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects. Graduating last year, Du picked up a couple of prestigious student awards, including the coveted D&AD New Blood Wood Pencil for her Digitized Me entry.

    Now working in London, Du has already accumulated an impressive résumé, with clients including Adobe, WIRED UK, TED-Ed, Computer Arts, and BBC. Her design and animation skills are being put to good use at creative studio, M-I-E. Where she has collaborated on music videos, advertisements and marketing campaigns.

    Du’s illustrations make good use of simplified and exaggerated shapes, to a point of abstraction. Accentuated by extreme camera angles. Another recurring element, and perhaps most noticeable, has to be her painstaking pattern work. Which Du cleverly avoids becoming a distraction by using a limited colour palette. Sometimes, just three or four colours. All of which amalgamate to create some very surreal and compelling illustrations.

    You can find more of Yukai Du’s illustrations on her website, and her animations on her Vimeo.

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    Oct 2015

    Giveaway ~ 21 Draw


    To celebrate the launch of the new 21 Draw Illustrator’s Guidebook kickstarter campaign, the fabulous fellows at 21 Draw have given us two copies of the original 21 Draw book to give away! Due to the book’s success, it in limited supply, so make sure you do not miss out.

    To enter, simply head to either our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page and look out for the relevant post regarding this competition. The competition will end midnight (GMT) on the 25th October 2015.

    To find out more about the book, you can read our 21 Draw review. The new 21 Draw Illustrator’s Guidebook will be packed with more art and tutorials from top industry illustrators, so make sure you head over to Kickstarter and show your support for the project.

    Good Luck!

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    Oct 2015

    Manga Mondays ~ Zhi-huang Dong

    zhi-huang-dong-01 zhi-huang-dong-02 zhi-huang-dong-03 zhi-huang-dong-04 zhi-huang-dong-05 zhi-huang-dong-06

    Zhi-huang Dong aka Benkate, is a concept and storyboard artist. Originally from Beijing, China, she is currently living in Canada. In 2014 she started working as a character designer for Toronto-based animation company, Guru Studio.

    Though often very sketchy, Dong’s illustrations still manage to convey all the information we need about a character. An over the shoulder smirk, a dropped face with a frown, or a slight touch of an ear, help us connect with them. Dong’s strong understanding of body language is demonstrated in her 2014 portfolio, which is packed with expressive and off-the-wall characters. That same succinct ability is also showcased in her very entertaining short animated storyboard.

    For more Zhi-huang Dong goodness, I suggest following her on Tumblr and Facebook.

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    Oct 2015

    Zac Retz

    zac-retz-01 zac-retz-02 zac-retz-03 zac-retz-04 zac-retz-05 zac-retz-06

    Zac Retz is a colour artist and character designer for games, film and animation. He had been working at games company Workinman Interactive since 2013, until recently deciding to become freelance. Part of the decision to freelance was so he could work on his own animated short. He has set up a Patreon to cover some of the costs. In return he shares the visual development process as well as tutorials.

    Retz’s artwork is stunning owing a lot of its appeal to his understanding of light and colour. Adjusting between realism to expressionism to better suit the story and mood. All of his portfolio is filled with charming illustrations, but his more romantic ones are especially alluring, as they do perfectly convey the emotions of the characters.

    You may perhaps already recognise his work from a previous Lounge feature, Gustavo Soares, who turned one of Retz’s images into 3D.

    You can find more of Zac Retz’s lush illustrations on his blog, ArtStation and Instagram.

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    Oct 2015

    Gabriella Barouch

    gabriella-barouch-01 gabriella-barouch-02 gabriella-barouch-03 gabriella-barouch-04 gabriella-barouch-05

    Gabriella Barouch is a freelance illustrator based in Tel Aviv, Israel. She studied Visual Communication, majoring in Illustration, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
    Awards. Since graduating her progression as a professional illustrator has rolled along organically. Working for clients to working on personal projects to creating and selling her own products.

    She has earned many accolades including American Society Of Illustration, YCN professional, 3×3 ProShow awards. Barouch has worked with publishers and companies, as well as exhibited her illustrations across the world.

    Barouch’s illustrations are delicately detailed. Not shying away from fur, wrinkles nor woodgrain, but somehow, that amount of intricacy never seems to overpower the image. Quite the contrary, Barouch’s work has a sense softness and a relaxing atmosphere. Often times her illustrations are dreamlike, as if they are accompanying surrealist poetry, but yet somehow achieve feeling more solemn than whimsical.

    You can find more of Gabriella Barouch’s work on her website, Facebook and Etsy.

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