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  1. Fashion Fridays ~ Natalia Sanabria

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    Natalia Sanabria is an fashion illustrator from San José, Costa Rica. Her high-spirited and colourful pieces have an enjoyable 80s nostalgia to them.

    Drawing from a young age, once developing an interested in fashion, Sanabria started making collages from magazine images. She studied Graphic Design and Painting at the University of Costa Rica. Since graduating, she has worked mainly in fashion, publishing and editorial. Clients including NYLON Magazine, MAC Cosmetics, Sunglass Hut and Where GuestBook New York.

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  2. 100 Hours ~ Now Live on Kickstarter!

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    3dtotal has recently launched the incredible 100 Hours campaign on Kickstarter so we wanted to give you a bit more information about this fascinating project here. The aim is to bring together 100 hours’ worth of video tutorials featuring 100 artists, all for an affordable one-off payment of £18 (approx. US$25). If successful, the videos will be hosted on the 100 Hours website where backers will be given a unique login and password that will allow them to stream videos on their computer, phone or tablet. It will also be possible to download the videos so you can keep them forever to watch and learn from over and over again.

    3dtotal currently has over 80 artists lined up so far and are asking backers to suggest artists they would like to be included as well. The tutorials will cover a range of artistic media and styles, including traditional sculpting and drawing, as well as digital 2D and 3D art. Randy Bishop, Wylie Beckert, Abigail Larson, Jesse Aclin and Tran Nguyen are among some of the artists involved.

    The tutorials will all be created afresh for this project, so the video content will be new and exclusive to 100 Hours backers. The wide range of artists involved means that there should be something for everybody, whether you are a traditional artist, sculptor, or digital painter. It is a project by artists, for artists.

  3. Eero Lampinen

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    Eero Lampinen is an illustrator based in Helsinki, Finland. His editorial illustrations comprise of candy-coloured cool kids, set in folktale landscapes.

    Growing up in Belgium, Lampinen was inspired by comics and old children’s books. As he got older, he developed an interest in printing methods. Leading him to study graphic design at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Since graduating, he has worked with a range of clients including Wired UK, The New Republic, Otava, Grafia, and Finnish Association for Nature Conservation.

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  4. Vania Zouravliov

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    Vania Zouravliov is an artist and illustrator. Born in Vladimir, Russia, he currently lives and works in London. Labeled a child prodigy, his macabre illustrations have covered the pages of books, magazines, albums, and hung on gallery walls across the world.

    Zouravliov grew up in an artistic family. His mother was an art teacher and so his picked up painting from a very young age. His adolescent influences were both typical and unusual. The Bible, Dante’s Divine Comedy, early Disney animation and North American Indians, included among them. Soon enough, he labeled a prodigy. He appeared on several Russian television shows. By age 13, Zouravliov was exhibiting internationally.

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  5. Darren Bartley

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    Darren Bartley is a concept artist based in Middlesbrough, United Kingdom. He has over a decade of experience in the video game industry and is currently the Senior Concept Designer at Riot Games. He has previously worked on titles including Crysis 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Stellar Dawn and Runescape.

    Bartley studied art in high school, as well as a year in a local art college. In university, he studied computer game design. Regrettably, Bartley found this traditional tutelage short-sighted and dull. He knew what he wanted, that was to work in video games, but even with the years of education behind him, he did not know how to do it. Then one day, while flicking through the pages of Edge magazine, he stumbled across the work of industry veteran, Feng Zhu.

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  6. Manga Mondays ~ Ryota Murayama

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    Ryota Murayama aka Ovopack is a freelance concept artist and character designer. Originally from Chiba, he currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. Murayama studied at Tokyo Designer Gakuin College. He has worked with game companies Square Enix, Gust, Koei Tecmo, and Cygames on many of their most popular titles.

    Among many others, some of his video video game credits include, quality assurance for Grandia III, monster designer for the Atelier series, Grand Blue Fantasy and Seiken legend RISE of MANA, and character designer for Chain Chronicle and Rabbi jump.

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  7. Wildfire


    Wildfire is a short animated graduation film. It tells the story of Ena, a passionate firefighter and wife. Her fascination with fire reveals itself as it impacts her family life.

    The characters in the short are drawn with delicate outlines. Whilst the backgrounds are made up of bold lines and dark graphite rubbings. The fire is represented by crude coloured wax pastels. These visual clues help to instantly give the viewer a sense of the fragility of man enclosed in their harsh surroundings.

    The slow pace is accentuate by using alomst no music. Audio is essentially made up of ambient noise and some dialog. When music is used, it is for affect. A sound cue for the inner workings of our main character, Ena. It is a wonderful touch, that brings the viewer closer to Ena, creating a connection.

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