1. Darren Rawlings


    Darren Rawlings is a Canadian illustrator and creative director of Thinkmore studios. He has worked on storyboards, concept art and animations for clients including Discovery Channel, HBO, Sony, BBC and Scholastic.

    Rawlings studied animation at Sheridan College, Toronto, and graduated in 2001. My introduction to Rawlings came via Blogger, late 2000s, while the blogging platform was still a popular choice for illustrators. ‘Rawls’, as I knew him then, was an avid member of the Blogger community. His recognisable robot-detective avatar could always be found in the comments section, spreading positivity and support.

    In 2009, he created Thinkmore studios, a one-man studio that utilises Rawlings full creative range. In 2014, he and comic writer, AJ Lieberman, launched Doppelgänger Publishing. To date, the publishing house has released 6 titles, including The Silver Six. Written by Lieberman and illustrated by Rawlings, The Silver Six is an all-ages sci-fi adventure which follows a group of orphans in a daring escape from their orphanage to an uninhabited moon.

    Rawlings’ love of drawing fan art, and penchant for making everything cute, produces some wonderful and unique illustrations. You can see this in his Little Heroes and Little Friend collections.

    You can find more of Darren Rawlings’s work on Tumblr, DeviantArtArtStation and Instagram. To see some of his older work, head to his Blogger, but don’t forget to leave him some positive comments.