1. About

    Illustrator’s Lounge, as you know it today, was launched July 11, 2011 to champion, support, and inspire illustrators worldwide.

    Keeping a level of quality, we shine a spotlight on breakthrough talent, leading figures and pioneers that time has almost forgotten. If we are inspired by their achievements, we know that you will be too.

    Illustrator’s Lounge has continued to grow due to the support of our visitors and the feedback we receive from our features. We are constantly keeping our eyes open, listening to suggestions, and thinking of new way to better the resource that Illustrator’s Lounge has become.


    Illustrator’s Lounge was founded by Kyri Kyprianou, George Neocleous (Mr Geo Neo) and Tarkan Paphiti. Between us, we have a shared knowledge of illustration, animation, fashion, film, photography, graphic design and web design.

    It was our love of illustration that brought us together and the sense that it was being undervalued that drove us to create Illustrator’s Lounge.

    Shortly after our launch, illustrators and illustration communities started to reach out to us. Before long, we received emails from illustrators saying that they had landed a job directly because they were featured on our site. That was all the encouragement we needed to continue.