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    Nov 2015

    Alex Fuentes

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    Alex Fuentes aka Los Fokos is an illustrator and graphic designer from Los Angeles. Fuentes, self-taught, took inspiration from comic books, graffiti, art nouveau, science fiction, and the “metaphysical.” He carefully studied other artists, learning basics and applying them, to developed his own voice.

    I was first introduced to Fuentes’s work through his story “One Little Miracle for a Hungry Swarm.” A short comic of his which was published in Flight Anthology Volume 3. That was way back in 2006. Since then Fuentes has been featured in copious publications and galleries. He has created artwork for many well-known global brands, including Nike, Levi’s, Microsoft, Sony, Disney and many more.

    In 2012, Coldplay and Mark Osborne announced a comic series that would tie into the Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto. The comic series was published by Bongo Comics; a publisher more commonly associated with the property of Matt Groening. Fuentes created interior and cover artwork for the comic. Working alongside a great line-up, Adventure Time writer, Dylan Haggerty, Bone colourist, Steve Hamaker, and Blambot’s Nate Piekos.

    To see more of Alex Fuentes’s artwork, check out his website, and follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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    Nov 2015

    Fashion Fridays ~ Pierre Mourgue (1890 – 1969)

    pierre-mourgue-01 pierre-mourgue-02 pierre-mourgue-03 pierre-mourgue-04 pierre-mourgue-05 pierre-mourgue-06

    Pierre Mourgue was born in France, 1890. He was a regular contributor to the premiere French fashion magazine, La Gazette du Bon Ton. As such, the influential magazine was picked up by publishers, Condé Nast, who distributed it across American under the name, Gazette du Bon Genre. The magazine’s artwork was comprised of many talented French illustrators, including Paul Iribe, Pierre Brissaud, Georges Lepape. Condé Montrose Nast enlisted all of the La Gazette du Bon Ton artist for another one of his magazines, Vogue.

    Pierre Mourgue was based in Paris but made frequent trips to New York, as such, his illustrations were regularly on and inside the covers of Vogue magazine. His ink and gouache illustrations brought a Parisian flair to the American edition.

    Mourgue’s style updated with art movements. A lot of his early work has a strong Art Deco influence, with his 1940s and 1950s work resembling the American advertising illustrations that we regularly associate with that era. His illustrations often get compared to Pierre Brissaud’s, for their use of exaggerated figures and their disposition for pretty girl.

    Mourgue illustrated for fashion designers Nina Ricci, Christian Dior, and Marcel Rochas. Bringing their garments to life with his careful observation, and ability to infuse a sense of fun and coolness.

    You can see a large collection of Pierre Mourgue’s illustrations over at Hprints.

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    Nov 2015

    Grahame Baker-Smith and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

    grahame-baker-smith-01 grahame-baker-smith-02 grahame-baker-smith-03 grahame-baker-smith-04 grahame-baker-smith-05 grahame-baker-smith-06

    Today marks 150 years since the first publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale has been reprinted and retold countless times. The original edition was illustrated by John Tenniel, but in the book’s 150 history, many extraordinary illustrators have contributed to its longevity, including Arthur Rackham (1907), Mervyn Peake (1946), Ralph Steadman (1967), Salvador Dalí (1969), Max Ernst (1970), and Anthony Browne (1988).

    Today, Grahame Baker-Smith can add his name to that list. The self-taught illustrator was commissioned by Royal Mail to create a set of ten beautiful stamps to commemorate the first publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. In addition to stamps, Royal Mail created pins and a specially struck medal from The Royal Mint. Together with Walker Books, they have also published a concertina book gift edition featuring 3D versions of Grahame’s gorgeous illustrations. You can find all the stamps and gifts sets in the Royal Mail Gift Shop.

    Grahame Baker-Smith’s hard work was shortlisted for the Professional Design cacategory in this year’s The AOI Illustration Awards. If you went to the Somerset House exhibition, you were treated to a sneak peak of the Wonderland stamps. Their bold design and saturated colours stopped you in your tracks and demand you take a closer look.

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    Nov 2015

    Amy Reeder

    amy-reeder-01 amy-reeder-02 amy-reeder-03 amy-reeder-04 amy-reeder-05 amy-reeder-06 amy-reeder-07

    Amy Reeder is a comic artist and writer, probably best known for her creator-owned series, Rocket Girl. She actually earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Science Teaching before being discovered by Tokyopop. After entering Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga competition, Reeder was selected to write and illustrate Fool’s Gold. She has since illustrated for Vertigo, and DC Comics on Madame Xanadu, and Batwoman.

    In 2012 Amy Reeder, and writer Brandon Montclare, turned to Kickstarter to fund their 40-page one-shot comic, Halloween Eve. Following the campaign’s success, the duo were back on Kickstarter the following year. This time, with ambitions to bring to life an ongoing series called Rocket Girl. The series focuses on protagonist, DaYoung Johansson, a teenage cop from the future who is sent back in time to 1986 New York City. Through a string of discoveries she realises the high-tech future she is from is actually an alternate reality version of 2013. The Rocket Girl series, published by Image Comics, is currently on issue #6, with #7 set for release this December 2nd.

    Reeder and Montclare have a podcast called, Podcorn, where they discuss their projects, process and comic news. Not only does Reeder share her comic knowledge through the podcast, she is very verbose on her Tumblr too, regularly posting art advice and storytelling tips. If you want to watch the magic happen, Reeder also has a YouTube channel with a few short, but inspiring process videos.

    The duo, Reeder and Montclare, have most recently collaborated on Marvel’s Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. They are writing the series, with interior artwork by Natacha Bustos, and Reeder also supplying cover artwork. The first issue was released today.

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    Nov 2015

    Jason Latour

    jason-latour-01 jason-latour-02 jason-latour-03 jason-latour-04 jason-latour-05 jason-latour-06

    David Jason Latour is an American comic book artist and writer, born in 1977, North Carolina. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at East Carolina University. Whilst studying there, he was the head illustrator for school newspaper and began a comic strip called 4 Seats Left (4SL).

    Graduating in 1999, LaTour continued to write, draw, and self-publish his comic, 4SL. His first foray working for a publishers was in 2002, for Funk-O-Tron Comics, where he inked “B-side” stories in Battle Pope. Also around this time, LaTour built an ongoing relationship with Bongo Comics as a Colourist. Later, in 2005, LaTour and writer B. Clay Moore released a short-lived title, The Expatriate, through Image Comics.

    LaTour has since worked on Image, Dark Horse, Marvel and DC properties including Noche Roja, Scalped, Daredevil, Wolverine, B.P.R.D., Winter Soldier and Django Unchained. In 2011, LaTour wrote a four-part creator-owned series, Loose Ends. Published by Gauge Comics, it was drawn by Chris Brunner, with colours by Rico Renzi.

    Currently, LaTour credits include co-creating and writing Marvel’s Spider-Gwen, along with artist by Robbi Rodriguez. In addition to drawing the Image Comics series, Southern Bastards. Jason Aaron writes the hard-boiled tale of Earl Tubb, an angry old man with a very big stick. The Eisner Award-nominated ongoing series has so far been collected into two trade paperback volumes. This year, LaTour won the National Cartoonists Society’s Reuben Award for Best Comic Book Artist.

    To see more of Jason Latour’s artwork, head over to DeviantArt, Tumblr and Instagram

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